BIRDY. Towel
"Professional Kitchen Linens"

The BIRDY. Towel series is made in Japan with the highest functionality, with advanced material research and excellent craftsmanship. Kitchen towel and Glass cloths, the trusted choice of chefs and bartenders, make the daily care of your favorite Japanese tableware more comfortable and are so functional that once you use them, you will never want to leave them.

The Single Towel Will Improve Your Kitchen Labor

Usually people says, "A Good Cook Cleans Up Their Own Mess".  ––However, it is not uncommon to feel the loss of time and stress from wiping dishes, glasses, and other chores.

You may have some of your favorite tableware that cannot be used in the dishwasher or that you dare to hand-wash in order to use them with care. Although it is a simple task, wiping dishes is a tiring job that requires you to keep standing in the kitchen, so you want to do it quickly, in as little time as possible, and without using up any of your time.

BIRDY.'s towels are the result of a fusion of various ideas and Japanese craftsmanship, created by listening to those cries heard in the kitchen.

About BIRDY.

Yokoyama Kogyo, the creator of the BIRDY. brand, was founded in 1951 as a manufacturer of automotive parts, and the spirit of a manufacturer that demands precision down to 0.1 micron is inherent in the BIRDY. craftsmanship.

In 2013, BIRDY. developed a new line of barware that has been refined in collaboration with the ultimate professionals, such as Eric Lorinz, head bartender at "The Savoy, American Bar" in the UK, and has attracted the attention of bartenders around the world.

Then through repeated friendly competition, BIRDY. began working on a new challenge in 2016, and after two years, the BIRDY. Towel Series has been perfected.

Using the latest material researches, all manufacturing processes and quality controls are made with reliable craftsmen in Japan, and the title "All processed in Japan" engraved on each products reflects the pride of Japanese craftsmanship.

Featured Product

Kitchen Towel

When you have to wipe down a lot of freshly washed tableware dripping with water, the sight of piles of kitchen towels is enough to make you sigh. However, the "BIRDY. Kitchen Towel" is a high-quality dish towel developed based on feedback from professionals who wipe a large number of dishes and glasses every day.

The overwhelming amount of water absorption reduces the stress of wipe up several plates in a row perfectly, thus reducing the stress of kitchen work, and it is easy to use for a wide range of dishes and also pots and pans. Once you use it, you will never want to part with it, attracting an ever-growing number of repeat customers.

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Glass Towel

The "BIRDY. Glass Towel" is a special glass cloth developed based on the feedback from professionals such as bartenders and sommeliers, who wipe more than 100 glasses every day.

The "BIRDY. Glass Towel" has three times the water absorbing power of ordinary microfiber cloths and leaves no water droplets or fibers after just one wipe, so even hand-washed glasses finish shining as if you used glass cleaner. This item makes perfect care of handmade glasswares, and makes your favorite items comfortable to be with.

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Wiping Cloth

First-class comfort is determined by a beautiful space that is polished down to the details. The "BIRDY. Wiping Cloth" was created after thorough research into the labor-intensive and exhaustive cleaning process.

The high quality, elastic cloth developed using advanced materials and finished with Japan-quality sewing will make your cleaning time more comfortable, as you can remove any dirt without stress by simply wiping without any dusting.

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