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Whether you're seeking a gift for the holidays, birthday, wedding, or any other special occasion throughout the year, we have a wide range of useful and beautiful traditional Japanese items that will make the perfect present. 

We've made it easy for you to find the right gift based on budget, category, or person you're shopping for.

Why People Choose MUSUBI KILN?

MUSUBI KILN introduces high quality Japanese tableware and decorative items with tradition and fascinating storylines, and is supported all over the world.
In fact, thirty percent of our customers buy them as gifts.

Beautiful items, shipped directly from Japan, will arrive promptly

At MUSUBI KILN, we proudly introduce only handcrafted traditional tableware carefully selected from all over Japan. Our selection is based on the unique texture of handmade products which last for a long time.

Most of our products are dispatched within 5 working days, with international shipping through JAPAN POST, DHL, and FedEx, ensuring prompt delivery. The delivery time for DHL and FedEx shipments range from 2 to 5 days. We maintain a less than 0.1% issue rate in international shipping and have a dedicated customer service team for any inquiries or assistance.

Japanese style gift wrapping in a furoshiki

Whether if be for home use or a gift, we gift wrap all purchases with a Japanese style wrapping cloth called a furoshiki. These authentic wrapping cloths are all made in Kyoto. The furoshiki is a reusable item, so after opening the package, save the furoshiki and use it again to wrap another item.  

For further details on the furoshiki, take a look at our article on Japanese Style Gift Wrapping

Enhance your gift-giving experience by selecting a furoshiki you fancy from our collection and utilizing it for your next gifting occasion.

Furoshiki Collection

A specially crafted greeting card available as an option

Designed with Japanese traditional colors and patterns, the MUSUBI KILN's greeting card is a distinctive way to convey your sentiments. Including a personal message and sending it alongside your gift allows you to express your feelings to the recipient.

Greeting Cards Collection

For Her

For Him

For Couples

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For All


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Japanese Tea

Matcha Chawan

Cat Motif

Chopsticks Set

Coffee & Tea


Flower Vase

Plate Set


Auspicious Decor


A Host of Gifts to Your Host 

A Host of Gifts to Your Host 

If you've got a calendar of celebrations coming, this gift guide offers top ideas for auspicious presents for your host.

Seeing Double: A Series of Sets

Seeing Double: A Series of Sets

Meet your match with these Japanese tableware sets of two, ideal for gifting or sharing meals and drinks with a loved one.

Shades of the Seasons: Gift Ideas with Winter Colors

Shades of the Seasons: Gift Ideas with Winter Colors

There's never a wrong time to give a gift to someone you love. Gifting is a year-round activity, whether for a birthday, a holiday, a celebration, or just to show the person you were thinking of them. So if you're seeking out a special something for a special someone, why not align the selection with the season?Next up in our seasonal, color-focused gift guide series are the white and silver pieces that glisten and glimmer like freshly fallen snow — or the holiday lights that twinkle in the early twilight. Cozy up with a mug of something warm and pick up something shiny for the season.