Donabe "Japanese Clay Pot"

Donabe "Japanese Clay pot" is used in Japanese restaurants that serve authentic hot pot dishes such as Chanko-nabe, Kimuchi-nabe and Oden. Do you know why?
This is simply because using a Donabe is the best way to make your food tasty.

Cooking professionals knew this from their senses, but it is also known scientifically that cooking with a Donabe can produce 30% more glutamic acid, one of the ingredients that humans find delicious, compared to using metal pots.


It is said that glutamic acid, the main ingredient of "Umami", is produced more when the temperature of the protein in the food is between 35-55℃. Donabe pots can help this process with the following features.

Gentle Heating

A Donabe, whose temperature rises slowly when heated, can bring out the umami of ingredients and produce a clear soup without falling apart.

Excellent heat storage

Since Donabe do not change temperature easily, they retain heat even after heating is stopped.

Effect of far-infrared rays

The far-infrared rays emitted by Donabe heat the food evenly and keep the umami flavor intact.

Popular Brands


In 1932, Sutematsu Kumamoto, the first generation of the company, built a factory to realize high quality manufacturing that I can be satisfied with.

In the midst of hardships and challenges, he listened to the voices of users and continued to develop earthenware pots that fit into people's lives. The "Kikka" series, completed through this history, continues to bring smiles to diners around the world.

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Happiness is being able to cherish and appreciate the simple things in life, like a daily meal at your home dining table.

Nichijou-Sahanki wants to change the concept of cooking from something “you have to do” to something “you’ll want to do.

” No difficult technical terms or fancy rhetoric. Nichijou-Sahanki, just wants to make and deliver (provide) easy-to-use items that will naturally land in your hands when you stand in your kitchen.

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Accessories for Donabe

These accessories for Donabe are useful when cooking and eating Japanese clay pot dishes.

They are not only functional, but also play a role in enlivening the atmosphere of the dining table by choosing the right ones.

It is a rare dish where one pot is shared with family and friends, which makes it easy to become intimate. Why not entertain them with items that have been carefully selected?

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