Chawanmushi Bowls

Experience the traditional taste of "Chawanmushi," steamed savory egg custard, with uniquely shaped bowls crafted specifically for serving this delicate dish. Decorated in classic hues and timeless patterns, Chawanmushi bowls from this collection will hold a distinctive presence on a table and will add a charmingly authentic touch to your meal. 

Enjoying Chawanmushi at Home in Style

An authentic Chawanmushi bowl is cup-shaped and comes complete with a lid. The bowl's ample depth accommodates the egg mixture and other ingredients that make up Chawanmushi. When steaming the egg mixture to prepare this delicacy, the lid becomes an essential component. It not only preserves the aroma and warmth but also introduces an element of surprise, revealing the hidden ingredients once lifted.

Serve Chawanmushi in bowls from our collection and savor this delightful dish as authentically presented in Japanese restaurants and "Ryokan," traditional Japanese-style inns.