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Like "Wan“, “Hachi" and "Don" in Japanese, Japanese bowls come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and uses. Miso soup bowls, Rice bowls, Donburi bowls, and serving bowls... bowls are an essential for the Japanese cuisine. It is customary in Japan to lift your bowl to your mouth when eating, which is why many bowls are made in shapes that are easy to hold in one's hands.In this collection, the bowls are categorized by their depth and size, and it is recommended that you use them according to the food you are serving. Find your favorite one from our collection made by Japanese craftsman.

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Various sizes of bowls exist due to Japan's unique food culture. We classify them into five categories as follows:
Kobachi Bowl, where you can enjoy appetizers and a variety of dishes in small portions; Serving Bowl, for serving your favorite dishes from a platter; Rice Bowl and Soup Bowl, which are the basics of Japanese cuisine; and  Donburi & Ramen Bowl, the largest bowl, which is perfect for Don dishes such as Poke, as well as soups and noodles. Please check the detailed explanation of each.

In Japanese table manners, rice bowls, Donburi bowls and soup bowls are used by lifting them to your mouth with your left hand, so they should be light and comfortable in your hand. However, Kobachi bowls and Serving Bowls are not supposed to be moved from the table as in Western manners, so it may be easier to choose them at first. Here are some types of Japanese bowls.

Small Kobachi & Appetizer Bowl

Small Kobachi Appetizer Bowl is a bowl with a diameter of under 5 inches(12cm). They are perfect size for serving side dishes such as sunomono or potato salad for one person. Since it is deeper than a small plate, it is suitable for serving soupy side dishes such as stewed dishes. Incorporating Kobachi into a table setting and arranging dishes of different sizes creates a dynamic and gorgeous atmosphere.

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Serving Bowl

Serving bowls is a bowl with a diameter of over 5 inches (12cm). They are very versatile tableware which have variety of shapes and patterns. It can be used not only for salads, side dishes and desserts, but also for soupy dishes such as stewed dishes"Nimono" because of their depth. Sometimes it can also be used for Donburi rice and noodles.

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Soup Bowl

When you eat Japanese cuisine, it often comes with soup, such as Miso soup or Osuimono. Soups make you feel warm and relaxed and are full of nutrition. Whether you choose soup bowls made of wood, lacquered wood, or ceramic, the atmosphere of your dining table will change dramatically. Find your favorite among our collection of soup bowls from all over Japan that make your soup even more delicious.

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Rice Bowl

Rice Bowls are indispensable tableware for the Japanese dining table. One of the bowl types that craftsmen elaborate on to make it light and comfortable to use, as it is lifted with the left hand. Since they are used so often, many people are particular about them. Because they are used daily, your favorite rice bowls will make an ordinary dining experience more enjoyable.

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Donburi & Ramen Bowl

Ramen, udon, soba, katsudon, oyakodon, and other Japanese dishes served in Donburi bowls are all very attractive. You can substitute other dishes, such as medium bowls, but when you're eating something with soup, a deep and large Donburi bowl is more durable, less likely to get cold, and tastes better!

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Chawanmushi Bowl

Deep lidded bowl for chawanmushi. By boiling the entire container with ingredients in hot water, you can easily make delicious chawanmushi.

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Ideas for Use

One of the characteristics of Japanese food is to prepare a lot of "Joubi-Sai", a variety of dishes that can be eaten over a number of days, and eat them little by little with ricce and soup. Because of this culture, unique smaller bowls such as Kobachi are used in Japanese cuisine to serve food in small portions.

Also, the Domburi Bowl can be used to serve food on top of rice for a hearty meal. In any case, bowls are designed to be deeper than plates, so even dishes with a bit of liquid can be served neatly. Japanese bowls are versatile for a variety of dishes and are easy to use not only for Japanese food but also for any food cultures around the world such as soup, noodles, dipping sauces, oatmeal, and cereals as well. First of all, feel free to choose one that you like in terms of design, shape, and size.

Cosmos Kutani BowlCosmos Kutani Bowl - MUSUBI KILN - Handmade Japanese Tableware and Japanese Dinnerware

Cosmos Kutani Bowl

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