Children's Tableware

Make meal time at home fun with adorable handcrafted children's tableware from Japan. Our collection includes a wide assortment of children's tableware from spoons to plates and cups. We've chosen items in different colors, motifs and materials to meet the needs of small children and to decorate your table with happy and playful designs.  
Take at look at our wide selection and see which item may be the best fit for the little ones in your family. 

Choosing Authentic Japanese Tableware for your Children 

Choosing the right tableware for your children can be just as important as choosing what they eat or wear.  
All the items in our Children's Tableware collection are made using natural materials, and are carefully designed for safe use.
Providing tableware pieces that children like and are easy to use, makes eating a fun experience and can play in important part in nurturing good eating habit. 

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Popular Series 

See the popular series in our Children's Tableware collection. Each series has its own cute style that will tickle the hearts of the children who use them. 

Hasami Ware Wave Series 

A cute collection of tableware items decorated with animals children love. All items are made from sturdy and shiny white Hasami Ware and are a perfect fit for small hands.

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Yamanaka Lacquerware Animal Design Series

Have your children experience the warm and soft touch of Japanese lacquerware with the Animal Design Series from Yamanaka Lacquerware. 
Delightful drawings of a rabbit blowing bubbles and a smiley face cat will make these lacquerware items tabletop favorites for your children.

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Kousai Kiln Playful Cat and Rabbit Series 

Kousai Kiln is located in Hasami-cho in Nagasaki Prefecture. The owner and master artisan, Hirohiko Umeno, produces pottery with a fusion of techniques from different styles of Japanese stoneware and porcelain.
The unique motifs of his works such as cats and rabbits with playful expressions make it fun to choose from a wide variety of pieces.

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Oshin Kiln Pink Rabbit/ Blue Bear Series 

Oshin Kiln is also located in Hasami-cho and has a long history of Hasami Ware production.
The gentle colors and designs of Oshin Kiln make their items perfect for a child's first tableware set.

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