Donburi Bowl

The donburi bowl, a quintessential piece of Japanese tableware, is larger, thicker, and deeper than a standard rice bowl, making it ideal for serving "don" meals - rice topped with various foods. Whether you're enjoying katsudon, yakitori-don, or poke, the donburi bowl enhances the experience. 

While medium bowls can be used as substitutes, the deep and large donburi bowl is particularly suited for soupy dishes. Its versatility extends to noodle dishes like soba, udon and ramen as well. Its durability and ability to retain heat not only preserve the warmth of your meal but also amplify its flavors. 

Which is The Best Donburi for You?

Japanese donburi bowls come in a variety of sizes and styles, all of which are very attractive, so it may be difficult to choose the best one for you. Here is a summary of typical donburi styles and their characteristics.

Ramen Bowl

Ramen bowls are special donburi bowls designed to serve ramen beautifully and deliciously, with a larger open rim than standard donburi bowls to allow for more toppings to be placed on top.

If you are going to try your hand at making ramen at home, we highly recommend you get one. Even a simple serving of chopped green onions, boiled eggs, and nori (a sheet of seaweed) on top of the noodles and soup can be served in a ramen bowl to complete an authentic ramen like you would get at a Japanese restaurant.

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Donburi Bowl with Lid

The donburi bowl with a lid not only makes a simple donburi dish look gorgeous, but also keeps the food from getting cold between serving and eating, plus the lid can be used as a serving dish.

It looks exactly like a Japanese donburi bowl, so it makes a great gift for people who love Japan.

For families with small children, one idea is to use the bowl itself as a donburi for the parents and the lid part as a small Serve for the children.

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Japanese traditional pattern

Donburi with traditional painting, which has a very gorgeous Asian atmosphere, can express a Japanese style just by being on the table.

The beautiful painting will add a touch of elegance to your display cabinet even when it is not in use. Also the smooth glaze prevents stains from sticking to it and makes it easy to care.

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Sometsuke: Blue painting

Of all the patterned Japanese tableware, blue painting which called sometsuke in Japanese is the most popular and easiest to match for everyday dining.

Since blue is a color that does not exist in common ingredients, it can be used to enhance any dish without overlapping colors. You can make a sophisticated impression by matching it with simple white plates and glassware that you might already have.

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Wabi-sabi design

Wabi-sabi, as you know, is a philosophy unique to Japan, a term that finds the beauty in things that are not flamboyant and things that grow old naturally.

Those wabi-sabi designed bowls that retain the texture of clay or have a beautiful hand-built shape will complement your dishes and fit in well with your table. In a world full of industrial designs, handmade Wabi-sabi tableware like this can transform your dining table into a relaxed atmosphere.

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Dark colors

Dark colored tableware enhances the color of the ingredients in the food and makes it look authentic. Serve take-out rice meals or instant noodles in a dark-colored donburi or ramen bowl to create a luxurious dining experience.

In addition, the dark colored donburi bowl goes well with all kinds of tableware designs, and it does not look like it is out of place as Japanese tableware. It will harmonize well with trendy natural and warehouse style home decor, as well as modern design.

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