Sake Carafe (Sake Bottle)

We have collected wonderful sake carafes (sake bottles) from all over Japan that will make your blissful time of savoring your favorite sake even richer.
The standard size of a sake carafe is 180-360 ml (6-12 oz). If you want to drink a lot, or if you tend to drink with more than two people, we recommend choosing the larger size.
There are also suitable materials depending on whether the sake is to be served warm or cold.

Type of Sake Carafe

Basically, there are two basic types of sake carafe shapes; "Tokkuri" and "Katakuchi".


The Tokkuri is a type of sake carafe with a thin neck and a bulging bottom, and is used to pour sake into a sake cup. It is shaped like a gourd. There are several theories about the origin of the word "Tokkuri," but it is said that the name comes from the sound it makes when sake is poured.
Today, sake is sold in bottles, but until the early Showa period (1920), liquor stores generally sold sake in Tokkuri.


A sake carafe shaped like a bowl or tumbler with a single spout, often used for serving cold sake or sake with a pleasant aroma, such as fillet sake.
Some people enjoy floating flower petals in it on cherry blossom viewing days.
Another advantage is that the spout is wide open, making it easy to wash.

Sake Warmer

There are two types of sake warmer: one that has two layers and can hold hot water and sake respectively, and one in the shape of a pot that can hold your carafe.

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