Chakoro Tea Incense Burner

Enjoy the rich aroma of Japanese tea leaves with an authentic Japanese Chakoro Tea Incense Burner. A Chakoro spreads the relaxing aroma of Japanese tea in its surroundings by slowly roasting Japanese tea leaves and twigs over a small flame.

Relax at home with the wonderful aroma and the beautiful design of an authentic Japanese Chakoro.  

What is a Chakoro?

A Chakoro is a type of incense burner that is used to spread the rich aroma of roasted Japanese tea leaves.
 In Japanese "Cha" means "tea" and "koro" means "incense burner." A fairly new kind of incense burner, the Chakoro was introduced around 25 years ago by a ceramics company in Aichi Prefecture. Thus, many Chakoro Tea Incense Burners are made by Tokoname Ware, the signature pottery of Aichi Prefecture.
The Chakoro sets we offer are beautifully designed and are great items that can deliver the delicate aroma of Japanese tea leaves to your home. 

How to Use a Chakoro Tea Incense Burner