Japanese Flower Vase

We have collected unique Japanese vases crafted by Japanese artisans. By decorating with flowers, an ordinary space comes to life more vividly. It is fun to choose a vase depending on what kind of flowers you want to match.

Easy tips to decorate your home with Japanese vase

1)The smaller the opening of the vase, the better the balance of the flowers. Especially for those who are not used to decorating with flowers, a vase with an opening of about 4 inches or less (smaller than a fist) is recommended.

2) Balance between flowers and vase You can achieve a good balance by arranging the stems so that the height of the vase and the height of the visible part of the plant are in a 1:1 ratio. If you are decorating with flowers that are used for bouquets, a vase that is about 15 to 25 centimeters high is a good choice. If you are decorating with tall flowers or flowers with branches, such as lilies, sunflowers, or large roses, a vase with a height of 30 cm or more is recommended.

3) Colors You can create a sense of unity by including flowers of the similar color as the one used in the vase. For example, if the vase is greenish, it is a good idea to mix something with leaves.

4) How to decorate Place a mat or decorative stand under the vase for a more sophisticated look. A cutting board or flat plate can also be used instead.

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