Japanese Table Setting Ideas

Get inspiration from our setting ideas! This page introduces a variety of table settings, from traditional Japanese style(Ichiju-sansai) to more modern table settings. Tap the image to see the items used in the set. We also introduce simple 3 steps that anyone can follow to create a beautiful Japanese dining set. Don't miss it!

Easy 3 Steps for Beautiful Japanese Dinner Set

Here are the 3 basic steps we take when thinking about Japanese table setting. Anyone can easily achieve an authentic Japanese dining style. Let's try!

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Sushi Set

Eating sushi with family and friends is a very enjoyable moment. We have come up with a sushi set that will make such a time even more wonderful.
In addition to the essential items such as main plate, soy sauce plate, and chopsticks, we have also introduced a soup bowl and center plate that provide a more authentic sushi experience.

Table Setting #26 Genuine Sushi Set with Ceramic Plate Like Wood

Table Setting #23 Authentic Sushi Set with Red Camellia Plate

Table Setting #25 Casual Sushi Set with Kuvio Wave Hasami Plate

Table Setting #24 Modern Sushi Set with Ash Graze Mino Plate

Authentic Japanese Dinner

These are table setting ideas based on the traditional Japanese dining styles. Combining different sizes of tableware can create a festive atmosphere on the table, while similar sizes of tableware can be combined to create a calm and modern style table set.
Bento boxes and bamboo baskets can be combined with a variety of sauces plates and small kobachi bowls to make the dining room a special place.

Table Setting #25 Gorgeous Sake and Kutani Bowl with Leg

Table Setting #24 Grilled mackerel with salt set meal

Table Setting #23 grated yam and soba noodles

Table Setting #29 Autumnal Colored Lunch Set

Table Setting #28 Blooming on the Table

Table Setting #27 Simple and Modern Japanese Meal Set Style

Table Setting #22 Reasonable Starter set for Authentic Japanese Dinner

Table Setting #21 Cold Soba Noodles to Beat the Summer Heat

Table Setting #16 Elegant Table Setting with a 
Beautiful Lacquer Box

Table Setting #7 Seasonal Side Dishes in a Bamboo Basket

Table Setting #6 "Omotenashi" Shokado Bento Box

Table Setting #5 A Cute Appetizer Set in Japanese Lacquer Box

Table Setting #4 Traditional Japanese Dinner with a Variety of Side Dishes

Table Setting #1 Sakura Party with Japanese Style Lunch!

Tea and Matcha Time

You can create an exotic atmosphere by adding Japanese style tableware to your coffee table.
When enjoying matcha green tea, you can combine a tray to create a sophisticated space.

Table Setting #19 Time to Recharge and Relax in Your Favorite Cups

Table Setting #18 It's Japanese Sweets Time!

Table Setting #12 Blessing Beautiful Spring Day with Kutani Mugs

Table Setting #15 Peaceful Time with Adorable Matcha Bowl

Table Setting #10 Cute and Modern Style Matcha Bowl

Sake Time

There is something special about the time spent savoring your favorite sake in a nice sake set.
You can create a more sophisticated atmosphere by combining sake cups with plates and small kobachi bowls that are similar in taste.

Table Setting #20 Luxury Kutani Sake Set

Table Setting #14 Modern Kutani Sake Set

Modern Eclectic Style

There is no rule that says Japanese tableware must be used for Japanese cuisine.
How about combining your local food culture with Japanese tableware to create your own little world on your table?
We are very much looking forward to seeing new dining styles being born in various parts of the world.

Table Setting #30 A Fun Curry Lunch with Long Plate

Table Setting #17 Soup Lunch with Bright Turkish Blue Plates

Table Setting #13  Refreshing Summer Table Setting

Table Setting #2 Pretty Mother's Day Table Setting

Table Setting #9
Japanese Modern Celebration

Table Setting #8 Relaxing Brunch Table Setting

Table Setting #11 Invite Friends Over For a Lunch Party!

Are you ready to make your own table setting?
As a first step, it would be great to decide a theme.


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Stylish and modern

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