Japanese Table Setting Ideas

Get inspiration from our table setting ideas! This page introduces a variety of table settings, from traditional Japanese (Ichiju-Sansai) to more modern styles.

Tap the image to see the items used in the set. All the ideas can be recreated for your own dining room at home!

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Japanese Style


Tea Party






Western Style

Japanese Style

These are table setting ideas based on the traditional Japanese dining styles.
Combining different sizes of tableware can create a festive atmosphere on the table,
while similar sizes of tableware can be combined to create a calm and modern feel.
Bento boxes and bamboo baskets can be combined with a variety of sauce plates and
small Kobachi bowls to make your dining presentation more special.

Table Setting #202 Kaiseki-Style Hospitality with Kutani Sometsuke
Table Setting #200 Culinary Fusion on Turquoise Shigaraki Plates
Table Setting #199 Cool Summer Vibes on Tanabata
Table Setting #198 Midsummer Blue: A Table Set with Kyoto Vegetables
Table Setting #194 Sakura Splendor with Akita Cherry Bark Work Plates
Table Setting #192 Embracing Early Summer with Bamboo Shoot Donabe Rice
Table Setting #191 Mother’s Day Brunch with Cedar Magewappa Plates
Table Setting #189 Jubako Joys Under the Sakura Canopy
Table Setting #188 Savor Yudofu in Traditional Nambu Ironware Pot
Table Setting #185 Springtime Noodles: A Soba Tray of Joy
Table setting # 183 Breezy Buffet : Sharing Spring Fun with Shokado Bento Boxes
Table Setting #182 A Lively Lunch with Delightful Dishes in a Jubako Bento Box
Table Setting #181 Exquisite Sake Experience with Edo Kiriko Cups
Table setting# 177 Setsubun: Celebrating Japan's Unique Springtime Festival
Table Setting #175 Chirashi on Sometsuke
Table Setting #174 Luxury Luncheon: Celebrating Good Fortune in Style
Table Setting #173 Nambu Ironware Comfort: Crafting the Perfect Sukiyaki Night
Table Setting #171  Bites of Blessings: Osechi Ryori on Elegant Small Plates
Table Setting #170 A New Year's Eve Soba Celebration
Table Setting #169  Enjoying a Japanese Winter Solstice
Table Setting #167 Elegant Celebrations: Crafting a Festive Table for Special Occasions
Table Setting #166 Kutani Ware's Tribute to Harvest Colors
9月4日1765 (4).jpg__PID:7394a003-7da4-43ba-b3fb-f5b2508ebd08
Table Setting #164  Japanese Plates in Autumnal Hues
Table setting #163 Harmonizing Tradition: Yoshita Kasho Glassware with Lacquerware
Table setting #161 Modern Mastery of Sometsuke from SINGAMA
8月25日 シーンカット-233 (1).jpg__PID:512d30ac-84ab-4b2e-9e85-6e1573289b7c
Table setting #158Aromatic and Alluring: Hot Chestnut Rice in Classic Banko Ware
Table Setting #155 Donabe Delights: A Table for Oden and Sake Cheers
Table Setting #156 Harvest Elegance: An Autumnal Affair with a Japanese Flair
Table setting #153 The Elegance of Vivid Florals with Kutani Ware
Table Setting #154 Chrysanthemum Charm: Celebrating Choyo-no-Sekku
Table Setting #151 Sometsuke: The Refined World of Blue and White
Table setting #149  Summer Celadon with Black
Table Setting #147 A Home Celebration with Festive Arita Ware
Table Setting #144 Bizen Ware in the Summer
Table setting #142 A Magical Tanabata Dinner Date Under the Starlit Sky
Table Setting #141 Celebrate Summer with a Japanese Festival Party!
Table Setting #140 Welcome the Summer Season with Chilled Somen Noodles
Table Setting #139 A Hearty Tonkatsu Lunch on Warm Celadon Ware
Table Setting #136  Bring Authenticity to the Table with a Soba Tray
Table Setting #137 Cool Summer Dining with Tableware from Kyoto
Table Setting #133 Beautifully Blue Across the Table
Table Setting #130 Hanami: Picnicing under the Cherry Blossoms
Table Setting #128 Beautfiul Tradition Enjoyed with Imari Nabeshima Ware
Table Setting #127  Tobe Ware meets Spring Yellow
Table Setting #122  An Onigiri Lunch with Comforting Kutani Ware
Table Setting #116 A Japanese Style Lunch in an Auspicious Spring Motif
Table Setting #107 New Year's Festivities
Table Setting #108 A Cozy New Year Celebration
Table Setting #109 Lacquerware for a Special Occasion
Table Setting #97 Using Lacquerware Bento Boxes at Home
Table Setting #98  Table in White
Table Setting #106 Lacquerware for Children
Table Setting #105 Teishoku Style Meal for One
Table Setting #104 Donburi Delight
Table Setting #103 Merriment at the Table with Unique Hasami Ware
Table Setting #102 Fun Family Meals
Table Setting #100 A Festive Japanese Meal in a Jubako Bento Box
Table Setting #99 Lunch for Two in a Hanazume Jubako Bento Box
Table Setting#96 The Season of Shin Soba
Table Setting #87 Table for One with Hakuichi
Table Setting #91 A Meal for One, Zen Style
Table Setting #83 Teishoku Style Lunch for Two with Arita Porcelain Lab Japan Series for Autumn
Table Setting #80 Chanko Nabe Time with the Ginpo White Kannyu Banko Donabe Japanese Clay Pot
Table Setting #86 Enjoying the Splendor of Autumn with Gold
Table Setting #84 Jubako Bento Lunch with Arita Porcelain Lab Japan Series for Autumn
Table Setting #88 Oroshi Nabe with Blue Ginpo Kikka Banko Donabe Japanese Clay Pot
Table Setting #82  A Japanese Style Breakfast with Yamanaka Lacquerware and Tobe Ware
Table Setting #79 A Shabu-shabu dinner with the Black Banko Donabe Japanese Clay Pot
Table Setting #70 Hibino Modern Shokado Bento Box -Omotenashi in New Style
Table Setting #74 An Inivitation to the Arita Porcelain Lab Yazaemon Series
Table Setting #70 Hibino Modern Shokado Bento Box -Omotenashi in New Style
Table Setting #68 Omotenashi with
Table Setting #66 Treat Guests with a Set Meal of
Table Setting #43 Let's make a radiant setting with auspicious tablewares!
Table Setting #44 Authentic Table Setting for Donburi Rice Bowl Dishes
Table Setting #42 Relaxing Time With Freshly Prepared Oden And Japanese Sake
Table Setting #41 Japanese Lunch In Vivid Yellow & Green Color Of Kutani Ware
Table Setting #35 Warm Up On a Cold Day with GINPO's Hot Pot
Table Setting #37 A Unique Set Meal On a Yamanaka Lacquer Round Tray
Table Setting #38 Enjoy the Layered Style: Usuki Ware Plates with Inari Sushi
Table Setting #34 The Perfect Combination! Cold Udon Noodles and Tobe Ware Donburi
Table Setting #32 The Autumnal Fish Grilled Set Meal
Table Setting #31 A Casual Ramen Lunch With Tobe Ware
Table Setting #33 Why don't you try Japanese plate lunch?
Table Setting #29 Autumnal Colored Lunch Set
Table Setting #28 Blooming on the Table
Table Setting #27 Simple and Modern Japanese Meal Set Style
Table Setting #21 Cold Soba Noodles to Beat the Summer Heat
Table Setting #16 Elegant Table Setting With A Beautiful Lacquer BoxTable Setting #16 Elegant Table Setting With A Beautiful Lacquer Box
Table Setting #7 Seasonal Side Dishes in a Bamboo Basket
Table Setting #6
Table Setting #5 A Cute Appetizer Set in Japanese Lacquer Box
Table Setting #4 Traditional Japanese Dinner with a Variety of Side Dishes
Table Setting #1 Sakura Party with Japanese Style Lunch!

Tea Party

You can create an exotic atmosphere by adding Japanese style tableware to your coffee  table.
When enjoying matcha green tea, you can combine a tray to create a sophisticated space.

Table Setting #201 An Illuminating Summer Tea with Lantern Plants
Table Setting #197 Afternoon Tea with Matcha Fragrance
Table Setting #196 Wagashi Day with Nabeshima Celadon
Table Setting #193 Refreshing Tea Time: Cherry Desserts with Edo Kiriko Cut Glass
Table Setting #190 Outdoor Matcha Tea Time in Spring
Table Setting #186 Tea Tasting in a Soft Spring Atmosphere
Table Setting #184 Spring's Tea Time with Magewappa Bento Boxes
Table Setting #179 A Sakura Tea Party in a Wave of Beauty
Table Setting #178 An Enchanting Japanese Tea Party with Kutani Stoneware
Table Setting #176 The Spirit of Chado Unboxed: The Perfect Matcha Tea Setting
Table Setting #172  Serenity with Japanese Tea and Exquisite Celadon
Table Setting #150 The Charm of a Japanese Tea Room at Your Table
Table Setting #146 Serene Sunshine: Japanese Teatime in Pastel Colors
Table Setting #131 Savor Spring with Delicious Japanese Tea and Sweets
Table Setting #118 Hot Tea at the Table with Colorful Nambu Ironware Cast Iron Teapots
Table Setting #123 The Delicate Beauty of Sakura Pink Teaware
Table Setting #117 Hinamatsuri Tea Party
Table Setting #110  Welcome the New Year with a Bowl of Matcha Tea
Table Setting #111 Welcome Spring to the Table with Celadon Plates
Table Setting #110  Welcome the New Year with a Bowl of Matcha Tea
Table Setting #101 A Fun Afternoon with Japanese Sweets and Tea
Table setting #78 Dessert time with Japanese Sweets
Table Setting #81 Autumn Entertaining with Premium Japanese Tea
Table setting #78 Dessert time with Japanese Sweets
Table Setting #72 A Tea Tasting Party For Two With Usuki Ware
Table Setting #69 Create a festive mood for your tea party with Arita ware!
Table Setting #61  Early Summer Tea Ceremony with a Tokoname ware Teapot Set
Table Setting #63 Take a Break With Sencha Green Tea While Listening to The Sound of Rain
Table Setting #62 Chic Tea Party with Cat Teapot Set
Table Setting #52 A Brief Tea Break With Kyusu Made Of Tokoname Ware
Table Setting #49 Can't Wait For Spring! Tea Party With Spring Colors
Table Setting #50 Casual Spring Tea Ceremony
Table Setting #48 New Year's Greetings with Japanese Sweets!
Table Setting #47 Warm Japanese Sweets Time
Table Setting #19 Time to Recharge and Relax in Your Favorite Cups
Table Setting #18 It's Japanese Sweets Time!
Table Setting #15 Peaceful Time with Adorable Matcha Bowl
Table Setting #10 Cute and Modern Style Matcha Bowl
Table Setting #12 Blessing Beautiful Spring Day with Kutani Mugs


Eating sushi with family and friends is a very enjoyable moment. We have come up with a sushi set that will make such a time even more wonderful.
In addition to the essential items such as main plate, soy sauce plate, and chopsticks, we have also introduced a soup bowl and center plate that provide a more authentic sushi experience.

Table Setting #180 Sushi with Stylish Maki-e Glass Rectangle Plates
Table Setting #168 Elegant Sushi Dining: The Lacquerware Jubako Box Experience
Table Setting #112 Sushi in the Springtime
Table Setting #95 Sushi on Echizen Lacquerware
Table Setting #85 The Best Menu Dinner with Luxurious Lacquerware
Table Setting #92 Sushi on Modern Kutani Ware
Table Setting #77 Sushi dinner in autumn colors from Hozan Kiln
Table Setting #55 Host a Spring Party- Authentic Sushi
Table Setting #56 Sushi Set with Japanese Art
Table Setting #26 Genuine Sushi Set with Ceramic Plate Like Wood
Table Setting #23 Authentic Sushi Set with Red Camellia Plate
Table Setting #25 Casual Sushi Set with Kuvio Wave Hasami Plate
Table Setting #24 Modern Sushi Set with Ash Graze Mino Plate


There is something special about the time spent savoring your favorite sake in a nice sake set.
You can create a more sophisticated atmosphere by combining sake cups with plates and small Kobachi bowls that are similar in taste.

Table Setting #187 Sake Elegance: The Dance of Celadon on Gold
Table Setting #160 A Feast for the Eyes: The Transient Beauty of Fall Hues
Table Setting #157 Chushu no Meigetsu: A Moonlit Japanese Celebration
Table Setting #143 Kutani Elegance: An Exquisite Table Decor for a Sophisticated Office Party
Table Setting #138 Captivating Contrasts: Glimmering Edo Kiriko Glassware on Black
Table Setting #135 A New Dining Experience: Tradition Reborn with Modern Sensibilities
Table Setting #134 Fun at Home: Izakaya Dining
Table Setting #129 Cool Impressions with Celadon
Table Setting #124 A Milestone Celebration in Modern Blue Tones
Table Setting #114 Cherry Blossom Celebration
Table setting #76 Autumn table setting in a jiffy with MERU Jade series
Table Setting #67 Sake Party with Summery Blue and White Porcelain
Table Setting #65 Elegant Style for Evening Drinking with
Table Setting #64 Evening Drinking Style for Early Summer
Table Setting #20 Luxury Kutani Sake Set
Table Setting #14 Modern Kutani Sake Set

Western Style

There is no rule that says Japanese tableware must be used for Japanese cuisine.
How about combining your local food culture with Japanese tableware to create your own little world at the dining table?
We are very much looking forward to seeing new dining styles being born around the world. 

Table Setting #148 Savoring the Fruits of Summer with Charming Tobe Ware
Table Setting #145 Pastel Perfection with a Jubako Bento Box Luncheon
Table Setting #125 Lunch with Cat-loving Friends on Neco Hasami Cat Plates
Table Setting #121 Dress Your Table with Colorful Flowers
Table Setting #120 Brunch with Mino Ware
Table Setting #119 Lunch Party in Pretty Spring Colors
Table Setting #113 Cheerful Mimosa Flowers
Table Setting #89 Family Fun with the Ginpo Kikka Banko Donabe Japanese Clay Pot
Table Setting #73 Sake Celebration with Noble and Elegant Arita Porcelain Lab Japan Blue Collection
Table Setting #39 Fun Christmas Party Around a Clay Pot
Table Setting #30 A Fun Curry Lunch with Long Plate
Table Setting #17 Soup Lunch with Bright Turkish Blue Plates
Table Setting #13  Refreshing Summer Table Setting
Table Setting #2 Pretty Mother's Day Table Setting
Table Setting #9 Japanese Modern Celebration
Table Setting #8 Relaxing Brunch Table Setting
Table Setting #11 Invite Friends Over For a Lunch Party!

Are you ready to make your own table setting?
As a first step, it would be great to decide a theme.

Authentic and elegant

Stylish and modern

casual and everyday

natural and organic

For more guidance to create your own table setting, the article below may help you!

5 Important Tips for Beautiful Japanese Dinner Setting

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