Sake Sets

If you are going to taste delicious sake, you should also pay attention to the sake set. Sake is a delicate drink that changes its flavor depending on its temperature and exposure to air, so try to choose a sake cup that matches the character of the sake and your own tastes. 

We have collected wonderful sake sets from all over Japan that will make your blissful time of savoring your favorite sake even richer.
Find your favorite sake set from our collection! 

Popular Sake Set

Bizan Kiln Yoshidaya Sakura and Bird Kutani Sake Set

This Sake Set features a bird with Sakura on the warm yellow foundation, giving a comforting elegant atmosphere to your dining room or home bar. Kutani ware uses a brush for painting with Japanese coloring paint, as you can see the painted bird and flowers are slightly thickened and standing out.

It comes with 1 sake carafe, 2 sake cups. The smooth texture of pottery feels relaxing and soft to your mouth, bringing out the rich yet delicate taste of Sake.

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Ko-kutani Pine, Bamboo & Plum Kutani Sake Set

This special sake set has a gorgeous and distinctive shape adorned with beautiful Kutani colors.

Pine, Bamboo, and Plums are painted on both cups and the carafe. When the pine, bamboo, and plum are combined in Japanese art, they become symbols of hope and good fortune. This is because the pine and bamboo do not die in winter, and plum blossom is the first seen in spring. Wherever you go in Japan you will see them planted together, put together in flower arrangements, and used in art and design for important occasions.

It is perfect for celebrating a special occasion with your family and friends. Great for New Year's Day, birthdays, moving parties and other events.

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Hanazume Kutani Sake SetHanazume Kutani Sake Set - MUSUBI KILN - Handmade Japanese Tableware and Japanese Dinnerware
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