Sake Warmer

In Japan, there is a tool for serving warm sake. If you like warm sake, a sake warmer is a great way to warm it up to the right temperature and give your table a more Japanese-style setting.

How to Warm Sake

Warm sake is also called “Atsu-kan" or “Nuru-kan," and is a delightful way to drink during the fall and winter seasons. Depending on the type of sake, drinking it warm can deepen its aromas and flavors. Let us show you the proper way to warm sake.

Method 1: Use a Sake Warmer

You can make just a hot sake using a sake carafe and a pot at home, but a sake warmer can also be used to cool the sake carafe like a wine cooler by adding ice water. Therefore, a sake warmer is a must-have item for sake fans.

First, pour the boiled water into the sake warmer halfway up.

Put the sake carafe filled with sake into the sake warmer.

Once the sake carafe is placed in the sake warmer, let it sit for a while to allow the sake to warm up.

Best time to warm sake(Approx.):

2 min: 86~104 °F

3 min: 104~113 °F

4 min: 113~122 °F

Method 2: Use a Pot

If you don't have a sake warmer, you can also warm up a ceramic sake carafe by boiling water in a pot.

1. Prepare a Sake Carafe

Pour the sake into the Sake Carafe up to 90% full and cover the spout with plastic wrap to prevent the sake's aroma from being lost.

2. Boil Water

Heat a pot of water and bring to a boil, then turn off the heat. Of course, you can pour hot water directly into the pot.

3. Put the Carafe in and Wait

Place the carafe in the pot and wait for it to reach the optimal temperature. And enjoy the mellow aroma and rich taste of sake!

Metal carafe

The tin carafe, called "chirori," is ideal for heating sake due to its high thermal conductivity.