Summer Collection

Summer is very hot with strong sunlight, but there are many enjoyments that can be felt because of this heat.
In such a season, why not express a sense of coolness in your dining room by using cool blue and white colored dishes and natural textures such as glass, wood, and metal?

Theme Colors

Cool and refreshing blues and whites are classic summer colors.

Also, glass, metal, and bamboo, which are natural and go well with summer sunlight, can be combined to create a higher quality, more transparent atmosphere.

Design for Summer

“Sometsuke" is a decorative technique for porcelain. This technique, which originated in Asia, is also loved in Europe as "Blue and White Porcelain".

The cool colors and expressive design will add a wonderful touch to your summer dining.

Know more about Sometsuke
Table Setting Ideas

In summer in Japan, foods that comfortably cool down the body, such as cold soba noodles and Japanese sweets, make their appearance. The design of Japanese tableware has a history of development to suit the local culture and cuisine, which can be clearly seen in these table sets.

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