Summer Collection

This collection embodies the spirit of summer, featuring pieces that are light, cool, and vibrant. They are designed to enhance summer meals and create a refreshing dining experience. From glassware or metalware that sparkles in the sunlight, to sometsuke (blue and white porcelain) or porcelain dishes that stay cool to touch, this collection offers a tactile celebration of the season.

Theme Colors

Cool and refreshing blues and whites are quintessential hues of the summer season.

Incorporating materials like glass, metal, and bamboo, which are natural and beautifully harmonize with the summer sunlight, can elevate the aesthetic to a more refined and transparent ambiance. Such a blend makes for a perfect summer palette, emanating a vibe that is both tranquil and invigorating.

Design for Summer

"Sometsuke" is a decorative technique for porcelain. This technique, which originated in Asia, is also loved in Europe as "Blue and White Porcelain."

The cool colors and expressive design will add a wonderful touch to your summer dining.

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Characterized by its captivating green-blue hue, Celadon porcelain is a unique gem in the world of ceramics. Each elegantly crafted piece, once known as "secret colors" due to their unpredictable creation process, exudes charm.

Hailing from China and making its way to Japan in the 10th century, Celadon, with its exquisite beauty and storied history, continues to captivate pottery enthusiasts globally.

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Table Setting Ideas

Japanese summers are synonymous with refreshing cold soba noodles, delicate wagashi (Japanese sweets), and other cooling delicacies crafted to provide respite from the heat. The country's tableware design reflects a rich history, deeply intertwined with its unique culture, cuisine, and climate.

This creative flair is particularly evident in the summer, with carefully curated table settings that combine tradition and comfort to improve the dining experience during the hot season.