Sake Cup

We have collected wonderful Sake cups from all over Japan that will make your blissful time of savoring your favorite Sake even richer.
Choose your ideal Sake cup according to the season, your mood, and your cuisine from the three types of Sake cups: Sakazuki, Ochoko, and Guinomi. 

Types of Sake Cups

These are the three basic types to consider when choosing a sake cup: Sakazuki, Ochoko, and Guinomi, from which you can choose your ideal one.

Sakazuki - Sake Cup - MUSUBI KILN


“Sakazuki" is a Japanese word that means a vessel for drinking sake. Sakazuki is one of the most ancient types of sake cups in Japan, with a flat shape, and even today it is a special item used for celebratory occasions, especially at New Year or ceremony. It is a beautiful, delicate and ornate craft of Japanese lacquerware or porcelain, suitable also for home decor and gifts.

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Ochoko, also called “Inokuchi," is a type of sake cup that is still most commonly found in Japanese Izakaya. They have been standard for party scene since around the middle of the Edo period (1603-1867), and are often designed as a set with a tokkuri (sake carafe), and are used to pour sake each other frequently among friends and families.

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Guinomi, or "Soba-Choko", is a sake cup often used for casual sake enjoyment, about the size of a small coffee cup, where sake is poured directly from the bottle instead of using a carafe. It is perfect for when you want to enjoy sake slowly by yourself because you don't need to pour sake frequently, and it can be used for other drinks such as wine and whiskey.

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Popular Products

Jidai Kutani Sakazuki Sake Cup Set of 5 with Wooden Box

This handmade 5 sakazuki sake cups set features a Japanese traditional motif and pattern. Each cup has a different pattern such as a pine tree, landscape, peony, and so on.

This shape with a shallow bottom and a large opening at the top has been used since ancient times, especially for celebratory occasions. According to one theory, people originally drank sake from shells, so the shape resembles that.

It is a perfect sake cup set for celebrating occasions, such as New Year's day, birthday, and moving party. It come in a wooden box, so it makes a special gift for people who love to drink sake with friends and family. 

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Seigado Tin Guinomi Sake Cup

This tin Guinomi sake cup is made by Seigado, which has a workshop in Niigata Prefecture. The company mainly produces sake carafes and cups with a form that fits comfortably in the hand and a luster and strength that can only be achieved by forging and beating repeatedly.

It is produced using a technique called "Tsuiki'', in which craftsmen hammer metal plates one by one to create shapes and patterns. The shape around the mouth is slightly wavy, rather than flat, to convey the charm of handmade. The reflection of the patterns shines through, making it a beautiful product.

Tin was prized as a material suitable for storing water and other things because of its ability to purify what is put inside it. It is also suitable for enjoying the taste of alcohol itself since it does not retain any odor.

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