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Find your favorite chopsticks from our large selection.
Chopsticks, called “Hashi” in Japanese, are essential cutlery in Japanese food culture.
The small body is filled with art created by tradition and craftsmanship.
We have a large selection of authentic handmade chopsticks, from bamboo chopsticks with their supple beauty of form to Wakasa-nuri chopsticks that will brighten up your dining table. 

We selected these chopsticks not because of their flashy appearance, but because we want you to be able to experience the benefits of chopsticks and use them for a long time.

Types of Japanese Chopsticks

There are many types of chopsticks in Japan other than those used for personal meals, with different sizes and shapes depending on the purpose, such as long chopsticks for cooking and large chopsticks used for serving food or sweets.

Dishwasher Safe Chopsticks

Beautiful Japanese lacquerware may look difficult to maintain, but we also have durable chopsticks that are dishwasher safe and easy to care for.

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Chopsticks With Various Lengths

Japanese chopsticks should be chosen according to the size of the user's hand. Find your own personal chopsticks from our collection of chopsticks that are beautifully designed and come in a wide variety of sizes.

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Extra Large Chopsticks

A particularly larger chopsticks is called “Rikishi” chopsticks or “Yokozuna” chopsticks in Japan, in reference to sumo wrestlers. Depending on the size of your hands, you can use them for personal use, but usually chopsticks of this size are used as serving cutlery for serving sushi, Japanese confectionery, or other party meals.

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Easy-to-hold Chopsticks

For those who are new to using chopsticks, why not gift them with chopsticks that are easy to hold? We have collected some beautiful chopsticks for beginners.

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Chopsticks for Children 

In Japan, it is customary to choose chopsticks of a size that is easy for children to use. We have collected items that make it easy to find the right size for your growing child.

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Cooking Chopsticks

Most Japanese families and Japanese restaurants use long, thin bamboo chopsticks for cooking to prepare Japanese cuisine. Especially for delicate dishes such as tempura, it is recommended to use cooking chopsticks instead, as tongs can crush the crust.

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Ideas For Use

When you use your favorite chopsticks, you will feel as if your ordinary dining experience has become a little more luxurious. We hope you will choose one that you will cherish and use.

Also, when placing chopsticks on the table during a meal, it is great idea to use a chopstick rest instead of placing them directly on the table. Chopstick rests are small, cute, and attractive as decorative objects, and are recommended for collecting.

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