Japanese Chopsticks

Find your favorite pair of chopsticks from our wide selection of beautifully crafted Japanese chopsticks. Chopsticks are called “Hashi” in Japanese and are essential items within the food culture of Japan. Although small in size, they are filled with art created by tradition and craftsmanship. We have a large selection of authentic handmade chopsticks; from basic bamboo chopsticks to elegant Wakasa lacquerware chopsticks. We also provide small-sized chopsticks for children. 

If you are a newcomer to the world of chopsticks, browse through some basic information about chopsticks and some pointers on how to choose the right pair. And for the chopstick connoisseurs, we add new items to our selection so check out our new arrivals.

We hope you enjoy the chopsticks in our Japanese Chopsticks Collection and can find the pair that best suits your needs. Include a new pair of chopsticks to your table and add enjoyment and a touch of Japanese culture to your meals.  

Types of Japanese Chopsticks

There are many types of chopsticks in Japan other than those used for personal meals, with different sizes and shapes depending how they are used, such as long chopsticks for cooking and large chopsticks used for serving food or sweets.

Setting Chopsticks on the Table

When eating with chopsticks, it is a good idea to use a chopstick rest to avoid placing them directly on the table. Chopstick rests are small and cute decorative objects and are nice items to collect.
When you use your favorite chopsticks, a casual dining experience can become a little more luxurious. We hope you find a pair that you can cherish and use for a long time.

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