Japanese Serving Bowl

Serving bowls is a bowl with a diameter of over 5 inches (13cm). They are very versatile tableware which have variety of shapes and patterns.
It can be used not only for salads, side dishes and desserts, but also for soupy dishes such as stewed dishes"Nimono" because of their depth. Sometimes it can also be used for Donburi rice and noodles.

Size Comparison of Kobachi and Serving Bowl

Serving Bowl

Over 5 inches Φ
(Over 13 cm)

Serving bowls in Japanese kiln are at least 13 cm (5 inches) in diameter and are also called "Toribachi" in Japan, and are used for serving food from a platter. Generally speaking, bowls are about this size. In addition to being used as a serving bowl, it can also be used for donburi meals or noodles for a small lunch.


4 - 5 inches Φ
(9 - 12 cm)

Kobachi is a small bowl with a diameter of less than 12 cm (5 inches). They are suitable for serving homemade dressings, dipping sauces, appetizers, and in Japanese cuisine, small items with a simple flavor such as Japanese pickles called “Sunomono", or boiled beans. Kobachi is also called “Mukozuke", which is used to serve ornately cut sashimi.

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Which is the best Serving Bowl For You?

The Serving Bowl is a tableware that is easy to use due to its convenient size, but the characteristics and shapes of each Kiln piece vary. We have categorized some of the Serving Bowls to help you choose the best one for you.

Medium Sized Serving Bowls " Chubachi"

The 13-21cm(5-8in) bowl, also called "Chubachi", is perfect for serving stews, salads, etc. for one person. If you only need a small amount, you can also serve dishes such as teriyaki bowl or poke bowl. Shallower and wider in frontage than the standard Donburi can make even the most dishes look gorgeous.

Large Serving Bowls "Obachi"

Serving bowls of 22cm(8.5in) or larger, also called "Obachi", are suitable for serving food for sharing. It is also used to serve not only one dish, but you can serve several different dishes together.

Serving Bowls with Lid

Bowls with lids are ideal for serving food such as stewed dishes in a warm state. There will be surprises when you open the lid and see what kind of food you have for the first time, and it will surely bring a lot of conversation to the dinner table when you serve it to your guests.

Cosmos Kutani BowlCosmos Kutani Bowl - MUSUBI KILN - Handmade Japanese Tableware and Japanese Dinnerware

Cosmos Kutani Bowl

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