Japanese Soup Bowl

When you eat Japanese cuisine, it often comes with soup, such as Miso soup or Osuimono. Soups make you feel warm and relaxed and are full of nutrition.
Whether you choose soup bowls made of wood, lacquered wood, or ceramic, the atmosphere of your dining table will change dramatically.
Find your favorite among our collection of soup bowls from all over Japan that make your soup even more delicious.

Which is the best Japanese Soup Bowl for you?

Japanese soup bowls come in a variety of styles, including basic wooden bowls, more authentic Japanese lacquerware bowls, and ceramic bowls that can be used with both Japanese and international dishes. Here are some styles of Japanese soup bowls by purpose. Please choose the one that best suits your daily meals.

Standard Miso Soup Bowl

For daily use, it is recommended to use a simple wooden Japanese soup bowl without a lid. Wooden lacquerware soup bowls are sturdier, better insulated, and easier to use.

The simple design is best matched with nourishing and casual Japanese food, and can add a relaxing scenery to your daily meals. Otherwise, soup bowls with beautiful decorations such as gold leaf will make your daily meals more enjoyable. Why not have one for every member of your family?

Japanese Soup Bowl with Lid

Japanese soup bowls with lids create a more authentic Japanese dining experience. It is perfect for "Osuimono", an elegant Japanese soup without miso, and when served with beautiful ingredients, it brings surprise and joy when you open the lid.

The lid also serves to keep the soup warm, and is useful as a serving dish. Use it for special occasions such as New Year's Day, birthdays, and other special dinners, as well as for your special Japanese meals.

Thinly Made Japanese Lacquerware Bowl

The key to Japanese soup is the taste of the “Dashi” broth derived from seafood and seaweed. If you want to enjoy the finest soup stock of Japanese cuisine, a thinly made Japanese lacquerware soup bowl is most recommended.

The delicate wooden bowls made with craftsmanship may seem fragile, but the lacquerware adds not only beauty but also robustness. Light, modern, and contemporary dinnerware.

Ceramic Soup Bowl

If you don't eat Japanese food very often, or if you already have a wooden Japanese soup bowl, how about a ceramic soup bowl?

Works by the Japanese Kiln go well with miso soup and other Japanese soups, as well as any international soups such as potage. It is also good for treats such as hot chocolate. The handle makes it easy to drink hot soup, and it will be a comfortable item to use every day.