Japanese Chopstick Rest & Chopstick Holder

Chopstick rests are the easiest way to enjoy Japanese table setting. It is a good idea to have some simple designs that can be used at any time of the year, and some that match the seasons and events.
We have selected handmade chopstick rests from all over Japan to make your dining table more enjoyable. So why don't you try to collect your favorite ones little by little?

Popular Selection of Japanese Chopstick Rests

A chopstick rest is a small piece of art on the table. Since they are placed at the very front of the table, they are always seen by the guests. Not only will they make your table setting more beautiful, but they will also stimulate pleasant conversation!

Mino Ihoshiro Kiln Chopstick Rests

Ihoshiro Kiln's chopstick rests, which are handmade by about 20 craftsmen, have many fun motifs that make you smile. You can choose the ones that match your guests' favorites or the theme of your table.

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Seikou Kiln Kutani Color Chopstick Rests

Seikou Kiln's chopstick rests, which contain traditional Kutani designs, are truly small works of art. It is a long-selling product and is highly collectible.

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Choemon Surfer Kutani Chopstick Rest

Kutani Choemon Kiln's chopstick rests are immensely popular for their combination of tradition and humor. When you buy this, you will look forward to the moment when your guests discover this chopstick rest at the table.

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Harekutani Cat Chopstick Rest Set

The chopstick rest set by Harekutani is a must-have for cat lovers. When combined with the plate of the same design, it is so cute you will want to take a picture of it.

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Tsubame Hutlery Chopstick Rest

The delicate beauty of form hidden in the nature around us has been recreated into chopstick rests through the collaboration of a skilled craftsmen and a designer in Tsubame Sanjo. These chopstick rests are perfect for modern and beautiful tables.

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Black and Red Gold Leaf Chopsticks Rest

This chopstick rest, made of Edo glass and decorated with gold leaf, is perfect for special occasions. It comes in a wooden box, making it a memorable gift.

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Color matching of chopstick rests

When choosing chopstick rests, it is a good idea to match the color of the chopstick rests with the other tableware on the table in order to create a cohesive and wonderful impression.
It is also recommended to choose one that matches the theme of the dish or seasonal events such as Christmas, Halloween etc.
Since they can be used for a long time, it is useful to collect a variety of patterns.




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