11 May 2023

Tips for Upgrading Your Space with Decorative Stands

Have you ever wanted to display your Japanese items, from small plates to lucky charms, from vases to sake cups, in a beautiful way at home? If you put them on a shelf as they are, they may look more like they are "sitting there" rather than "on display" and may not stand out as interior decoration. In this issue, we would like to introduce some ideas for using a decorative stand to display Japanese items in a more attractive and stylish way.

Since decorative stands come in a variety of colors, shapes, and materials and are used all over the world, it can be difficult to find one that is uniquely Japanese. However, when we look at the ones widely distributed in Japan, we find that they share some common characteristics. Most stands are modestly decorated, chic in color, and simply designed to maximize the attractiveness of the objects placed on top.

I believe something similar to this is the "Usu-ita (thin plate)" that is placed under the flower vase in the Japanese tea ceremony when it is placed on the tatami matted floor. There are three general types of Usu-itas, and they are selected according to the grade of the vase. The vase is also selected according to the event or place where the tea ceremony is held.

The understated and chic characteristics of Usu-itas make them suitable for decorating not only vases but also all kinds of objects. This is probably the reason why many decorative stands sold today are very similar to the characteristics of Usu-itas. As in a tea room, if you can use a decorative stand that matches the atmosphere of the room and the objects you place on it, you will surely be able to create a beautiful space even in a small space such as a shelf or dining table.


  • Organizing small items
  • For a more serene and elegant interior
  • For an eye-catching item in a room
  • Using as a table setting
  • Create your own little world

Organizing small items

One recommended display using a decorative stand is to take advantage of its role in bringing together small, disparate items that are difficult to display as they are, such as chopstick rests and small plates. By placing items that are not originally decorative on a decorative stand, they can be made to look impressive, just as a painting fits in a frame. Here, chopstick rests of a crane are placed with a plate of Mt. Fuji, creating a landscape-like display that tells a story.

For a more serene and elegant interior

Items such as vases for single-flower vases and matcha bowls, which have a certain elegance on their own, can be made to look even more atmospheric and elegant. As mentioned earlier in the explanation of "Usu-ita," selecting a stand with a design that matches the item you are placing it on will make it look even more cherished and precious. For example, the Seigado Red Copper Single-Flower Vase shown here is made of copper, which is a highly prestigious material in the tea ceremony. It can be placed as it is and displayed casually, but a decorative stand can be used to give it dignity in accordance with the occasion.

For an eye-catching item in a room

Black is a color that both tightens up a space and makes an impact. It also has a strong impression of being a formal color, making it ideal for placing items that have a sense of propriety, such as ornaments for good luck or seasonal events like the Dolls' Festival. Even if the color of the ornament blends too well with the color of the shelf, a single black surface will bring out the color of the ornament.

Using as a table setting

If you want to impress your guests with an elegant presentation, consider using trays or clothes to hold their drinkware instead of placing them directly on the table. Similarly, adding a decorative stand can also add an extra touch of sophistication. By placing a stand on your dining table, your guests will immediately take notice of your stylish table setting, making it the perfect addition to any fancy gathering. It's also a great idea to use the stand for serving small appetizers or to keep spice bottles from getting scattered around.

Create your own little world

Rather than having those beloved items linger in a forgotten corner of your home, why not re-introduce their beauty with the help of decorative stands?  Unlock your imagination and explore the boundless possibilities for transforming these pieces into delightful interior decor. Take this opportunity to combine existing items in new ways and craft personalized decorations!

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