Hanazume Katakuchi Kutani Sake Set

JPY ¥41,800

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Premium Japanese Sake set with delicate Hanazume style, meaning filled with flowers, one of the most notable design of Kutani ware which has been handed down the Taisho period (1912–26).

Filled with colorful flowers all over the body with gold trimming, it has a timeless elegance and sophistication created by hand drawn technique; there are no two alike.

It is a perfect sake set for celebrating occasions, such as New Year's day, birthday, and moving party. Also it makes a great gift for people who love to drink sake with friends and family.

It will infuse an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere into your dining table or home bar. We truly believe good sake equipment makes sake tastier.

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  • Quantity: Set includes 1 carafe and 2 cups
  • Dimension: Cup D6.6cm(2.6in) H6.4cm(2.5in)
  • Capacity: Carafe 280ml(9.5oz)
  • Material: Porcelain - Kutani ware


    Hanazume Style

    Hanazume is a traditional technique of Kutani Ware. This style was introduced in 1913 by Shiro Mizuta, a skillful craftsman in Kanazawa. A flower decoration covers the entire surface, and outlines are painted in gold. This style is representative of gorgeous Kutani-ware.