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Why don't we offer "the real Japan" instead of "something like Japan"?

With the abundance of Japanese content out there, the experiences that customers are seeking are becoming more authentic.

In terms of the quality of the experience, there is a tendency to seek spiritual richness, such as the meaning of spending time there and the value of the things you touch, rather than a superficial experience.

The Japanese tableware we offer at MUSUBI KILN is filled with the culture and thoughts of the craftsman behind the design. When you serve a wonderful meal at your restaurant, using tableware with this kind of story and subtly conveying the background to your guests will greatly improve their experience.

Restaurant owners can purchase our products with a special discount. (Purchases must be made for in-store use only.)

Purchase  AmountShipping fee
Over JPY100,000 (Around US$960)Free
JPY50,000 - 99,999 (Around US$480-959)JPY1,500 (Around US$14)
JPY1 - 49,999 (Around US$1-479)JPY3,000(Around US$29)

*Import and export expenses including customs duties are to be borne by the buyer. (Reference : About import tax)

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