Sake Items

Sake is a nuanced beverage whose flavors are influenced by both the serving temperature and the vessel used. To truly savor its distinct character, choose a sake serving set that resonates with your personal tastes and complements the particular variety of sake you favor.

Our collection showcases exquisite sake serving sets from across Japan, each designed to enhance your experience savoring sake. Discover the perfect set to elevate your enjoyment of this traditional drink.

Guide for Japanese Sake Sets

Sake Cups

There are three basic types of sake cups you can choose from; a Sakazuki, an Ochoko, and a Guinomi. 

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Sake Carafes

The standard size of a sake carafe is 180 - 360 ml (6 - 12 oz). If you frequently enjoy sake in larger quantities or with more than two people, we recommend choosing a larger carafe. The choice of material for a carafe depends on whether the sake is to be served warm or cold.

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Sake Set

Opting for a sake carafe and cup set eliminates the worries of matching the right cup with the appropriate carafe, and ensures a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing sake-serving experience.

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Sake Warmer

For those who prefer their sake warm, a sake warmer is an excellent item for achieving the perfect serving temperature.

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