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Sake - Rice Wine is a delicate drink that changes its taste depending on its temperature and the vessel it is served in. Choose your favorite sake serving set that best suits your preference and the type of sake you are drinking.

We have collected wonderful sake serving sets from all over Japan that will make the time you spend savoring your favorite sake and the taste of the sake even richer. Find your favorite sake set from our collection! 

Guide for Japanese Sake Sets

Sake Cups

These are three basic types of sake cups you can choose from; a
Sakazuki, an Ochoko, and a Guinomi. 

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Sake Carafes

The standard size of a sake carafe is 180-360 ml (6-12 oz). If you want to drink a lot, or if you often drink with more than two people, we recommend choosing a larger size. The suitable material for the carafe you chose depends on whether the sake is to be served warm or cold.

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Sake Set

The sake carafe and sake cup set will relieve you from worrying about how to match the right sake cup with the right carafe. 

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Sake Warmer

If you like warm sake, a sake warmer is a great item to use to warm sake to the right temperature.

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