28 August 2023

An Elegant Farewell: Japanese Gifts to Honor Retirement

The transition to a new life chapter following years of dedication and accomplishments is undeniably a moment worthy of celebration and honor. And presenting a cherished memento, which holds all shared memories, to a dear colleague leaving the workplace becomes a special way to say thank you and remember the good times spent together.

For those special moments, express your admiration and convey your wishes for continued happiness in the days ahead with a meaningful gift. Spanning from comfort to culture, we have curated a selection of thoughtful and heartwarming presents, each with their own story, that promise to add something unique to that special someone's newfound leisure time.

List of Gift Items

  • Yoneda Yuzan Kiln Kutani Seven Lucky Gods and Treasure Boat
  • Tokoname Chakoro Tea Incense Burner
  • Yoshita Kasho Koi Fish Maki-e Glass Sake Cup
  • Issou Kairenpo Wakasa Lacquer Chopsticks
  • Fukunishi Sobe Sakura Aizu Lacquerware Flower Vase with Tray

 Yoneda Yuzan Kiln
Kutani Seven Lucky Gods and Treasure Boat

Send off a beloved colleague with a gift enthralled with best wishes and happiness with this auspicious Kutani ware decor item. It makes for a spot-on gift for someone with an affinity for culture and art. Its vivid colors and joyful symbolism will add beauty and happiness to any space in a home.

Shichifukujin, the "Seven Lucky Gods," hold significant symbolic importance in Japanese mythology and folklore. In ancient Japan, there was a belief that happiness would arrive from a distant land beyond the sea. This auspicious figurine depicts the Shichifukujin riding on a treasure boat, symbolizing the bountiful blessings they bring.

The names of the gods aboard the boat, starting from the left in the picture, are as follows:
Daikokuten - God of property 
Bishamonten - God of protection
Hotei -God of fortune and marital bliss
Fukurokuju - God of longevity 
Benzaiten - One of the patron deities in Buddhism
Jurojin - God of longevity
Ebisu - God of commerce

If your departing colleague is one who finds joy in collecting and displaying handmade crafts, especially with a cultural narrative, this Kutani ware decorative item is sure to please. The intricate designs and vibrant colors found in Kutani ware will appeal to those with an eye for aesthetics of traditional crafts.

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Tokoname Chakoro Tea Incense Burners

For someone looking forward to unwinding and enjoying a more leisurely-paced lifestyle after retirement, a Japanese tea incense burner will do just that with its unrushed comforting allure. The calming atmosphere created with a Japanese tea incense burner is soothing, and calls upon all senses.

The base made of Tokoname ware, one of Japan's oldest pottery, exudes a gentle and rustic earthiness with its textured surface. Dried green tea leaves are slowly roasted on a stoneware plate over a serene single flame. Elusive shadows decorate with their delicate carved patterns. 

Stepping away from the hustle and bustle of work, your colleague will have more time to embrace slow-paced, more mindful activities. The soothing scent from a tea incense burner will signify a well-deserved rest, and an encouragement for embracing the beauty of their present moment, making it a thoughtful and meaningful retirement gift.

The Yamafusa Loquat Leaf Round Tokoname Chakoro Tea Incense Burner sports a matte olive green hue, with its sides adorned with carved droplet patterns. A singular leaf adorns the top plate of the burner, serving as a convenient handle for placing tea leaves.

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The Sekiryu Cherry Blossom Green Ash Glaze Tokoname Chakoro Tea Incense Burner showcases a rustic brown matte finish, adorned with four intricately carved cherry blossoms. When the burner is lit, the petal cut-outs cast elegant shadows, enhancing a serene ambiance. 

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Yoshita Kasho Koi Fish Maki-e Glass Sake Cup

Choosing a sake cup for a sake-loving working partner saying farewell shows thoughtful consideration for his or her preference. Knowing that it will be enjoyed with Japanese sake makes the gift even more meaningful and relevant to their tastes. A captivating sake cup such as this Maki-e glass sake cup celebrates the retiree's accomplishments and hard work throughout his or her career.

This Yoshita Kasho Koi Fish Sake Cup is an exquisitely handcrafted piece of glassware. The painting of the koi fish, with its fine lines and realistic hues, captures the essence of motion and vitality. Holding significant symbolism in Japanese culture, the koi fish represents perseverance, determination, and good fortune.

This stunning sake cup is presented in an elegant box, adorned with a soft fabric lining, enhancing the sense of celebration and sophistication for this special occasion.

Your colleague will surely treasure this gift, as it allows for luxurious indulgence when drinking sake. Sake cups made by Yoshita Kasho amplify the enjoyment of each sip, making it a delightful gift to receive. 

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Issou Kairenpo Wakasa Lacquer Chopsticks

Wakasa lacquerware chopsticks, decadently adorned with mother-of-pearl inlays are stunning items that can be given to subtly convey gratitude and appreciation. Finely cut pieces of Abalone shell inlays are meticulously set on the surface of the Wakasa lacquerware chopsticks - a beautiful item that signifies not only the precision of fine craftsmanship, but also the elegance of Japanese tradition. 

 Adding an element of luxury to their meals, these chopsticks will give inspiration to enjoy their well-earned leisure time. It is a gift that marries practical use with graceful aesthetic appeal - truly a fitting tribute for a memorable occasion.

These chopsticks come in a color choice of black or red, the black being slightly longer than the red. 

The black pair comes in a longer size of 23 cm/9 in. The iridescent colors of the shell fragments stand out vividly against the deep, glossy black hue, creating an image reminiscent of stars scattered across a night sky. 

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The length of the red pair is 20.5 cm/8.1 in. Abalone shell inlays on red lacquer evoke a warm impression. The vibrant red serves as a passionate backdrop to the cool shimmer of the shell inlays. 

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Fukunishi Sobe
Sakura Aizu Lacquerware Flower Vase with Tray

This exquisite Japanese vase adorned with cherry blossoms, known as sakura in Japan, in full bloom against a chic black backdrop, is highly recommended as a gift to celebrate a new beginning. The intricate hand-painted design of cherry blossoms symbolize the onset of springtime which in Japan is the time of the year for new beginnings and fresh starts, much like retirement itself.

Celebrated as one of the most beloved flowers in Japan, cherry blossoms are well-known for their refined ambiance and will add a vibrant charm to any room.  Additionally, the vase comes with two trays that can be neatly placed under the vase, adding an extra layer of elegance and shine.

This vase, with its striking presence, makes an excellent gift, and serves as a wonderful memento commemorating the meaningful connections shared during the time spent together at the office.

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A retirement gift is unique in that it not only expresses your respect for the years of commitment of your departing colleague, but also is an item that celebrates a transition into a new stage of one's life.

Why not gift something special to express your best wishes for their future and as a token of gratitude for years of hard work? Let your thoughtful gift symbolize how much you cherish their exciting prospects and express how they will be missed dearly. These items can bring cheer into their lives while taking them on a brand new adventure.

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