Kakusyu Yamanaka Lacquerware Single-Flower Vase

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The word "Kakusyu" in Japanese means the neck of a crane. As you can see, the slender curvatures of the neck of the vase give you the feel of a crane gracefully stretching its neck.   

The gradual color change from black to red with an emphasis on black, gives this vase of modern look. The delicately coated lacquer shines elegantly from all angles and makes the vase look as though it was made out of glass. 

A removable glass tube is inserted to make it easy to set a flower in the vase. The bottom of the vase is padded with a thin felt fabric so as not to scratch tables and leave water rings on surfaces.

Set this vase along side other lacquerware to create a chic and modern table setting with a taste of Japanese craftsmanship. 


  • Dimension: [Vase] D8.7cm(3.4in) x H24cm(9.5in) 
    /[Glass tube] D1.2cm (0.5in)  x 4.7cm (1.63in)
  • Material: Wood - Yamanaka Lacquerware
  • Coating: Lacquer 
  • Origin: Made in Ishikawa, Japan

about yamanaka lacquerware

Yamanaka lacquerware is produced in the Yamanaka Onsen area of Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture, and has a history of about 400 years.
The traditional techniques of Yamanaka lacquerware were highly evaluated and became known throughout Japan, despite a period of temporary interruption.
It is characterized by the use of wood grain patterns to express a natural texture, and is made with great attention to detail.
It was designated as a traditional craft by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry in 1975.