14 March 2023

Stylish Napkin Folding Techniques to Impress 

Beautifully styled napkins can add a flair of elegance to any dining room table! They are the perfect item to impress and are especially popular in Japanese modern table settings!

Napkin folding techniques are not only visually appealing but can also transform ordinary napkins into items for practical use. Here we will introduce a total of four folding techniques that are sure to leave a lasting impression on family or friends during a special occasion.

Let's get started!


  • Delta
  • Chopstick Holder
  • Water Lily
  • Boat


The delta napkin fold is a type of napkin folding technique that creates a three-dimensional triangle shape. This style of folding is often used for formal dinners as it adds an air of elegance and refinement. It can also be used to hold baked breads and other small appetizers.

To make this fold, start by laying the napkin flat on a table with the backside facing toward you.

Fold the napkin in half to form a rectangle. Hold the front two ends and fold them in half to meet the back two ends. Flatten and apply pressure to the folded area to form a crease.

Unfold the half-fold, then take the two ends of the napkin closer to you and fold them up to the center crease you made (bottom half).

Do the same with the top half.

Fold the two folds on top of each other

Fold the right side of the napkin from the middle toward you. 

Do the same with the other side.

Stand the napkin upright at a 90 degree angle

Fold each corner of the napkin toward the middle, open the folds, and you're done!

Chopstick Holder

A chopstick holder is a small container or stand used to store pairs of chopsticks when not in use. The chopstick holder napkin folding technique offers a creative and fun way to enjoy an authentic Japanese dining experience!

Start by folding the napkin in half to make a rectangular shape.

Fold the napkin over two times to form a smaller square.

Flip the cloth in half diagonally and form a crease.

From right to left, start to fold the top cloth of the napkin almost as if you were rolling it.

Roll it tightly so that it forms a neat rectangular shape. 

Flip the napkin over and fold it into three. 

 Flip the napkin back over and fold the two sides of the napkin into each other to form a pocket shape.

Place chopsticks or cutlery n the pocket and your holder is complete!

Water Lily

A folding technique that is sure to delight and dazzle is the water lily fold! Decorating bowls, plates, or tables with beautiful blossom-shaped napkins makes any table setting stand out. This is a perfect option for those who want to leave an impression or who are going for a certain theme.

Start with the napkin laying flat.

Fold each corner to the center.

Carefully, turn the napkin over, and again fold each corner to the center.

Again, carefully turn the napkin over.

Holding the napkin from the middle, pull the petals out.

Now, you’re done!


A boat napkin fold is a decorative napkin folding technique that resembles a boat or sailboat. It is a fun and playful option commonly used for table settings at special events. What's more, this folding technique is quite simple and can be done in just a few steps!

Place the napkin flat on the table.

Fold the napkin in half.

Flip the napkin over to form a square.

Fold the napkin diagonally to form a triangle. 

Flip the napkin over and fold the right side of the napkin in towards the center point.

Do the same with the left side.

Turn the napkin over again and fold the bottom two corners of the napkin inwards.

Make sure that you form a crease.

Pull cloth from the middle for the sail

Fold again four more times, with the cloth for the sail tucked inside.

Pull the cloth for the sail. 

Now your boat is complete!


Similar to the water lily technique, the carnation napkin fold shapes napkins into a beautiful blossom. Those who try the carnation fold can make their napkins stand out by using a variety of colorful napkins and ties–creating a festive atmosphere!

Fold the top half of the napkin to the middle.

Fold the bottom half of the napkin to the middle.

Make sure that the top and bottom sections of the napkin are overlapping about five to six centimeters (1.9 to 2.3 inches)

Pull the napkin up so that the cloth is behind itself and forms a small peak about every three centimeters (approx. one inch) and continue to bunch the folds together.

Tie the folds with a ribbon.

Fan the folds out so that they form a circular shape, and you’re done!

Double Pocket

A double pocket cutlery holder is a convenient way to organize and store cutlery in one place. The double pocket napkin folding technique is both practical and sophisticated. It allows for creativity as you can mix and match napkins with the cutlery utensils of your choice!

Start withStart with the napkin pre folded as a square. the napkin laying flat.

Fold the first corner down across the middle to make a triangle.

Tuck the second corner under the first so that they meet in the center of the napkin.

Tuck the two sides under the napkin.

Insert the silverware and you’re done!

Mini Candle

The mini candle napkin fold is an adorable candle-shaped napkin folding technique that will add a celebratory atmosphere to any dish or dining surface! The process is fairly quick and easy, making it perfect for birthday parties or anniversaries.

Place the napkin on a flat surface with the back side facing toward you.

Hold the ends of the napkin closest to you and fold them toward the top of the napkin.

Hold the top of the triangle and fold it down toward you so it meets the other side.

Fold three times from the top.

Roll the napkin tightly from right to left.

Roll the last part of the napkin less tightly than before and tuck the remaining part of the napkin into the bottom.

Now you have your candle!


Last but not least is the musubi napkin fold. Although one of the more challenging napkin folding techniques, it is sure to add some refinement to your dining table! It is perfect for celebratory occasions such as Christmas parties or large get togethers.

Fold the napkin to quarters from the bottom up.

Fold the left side of the napkin down the middle at a right angle.

Fold the right side of the napkin in a similar fashion but so that the napkin faces downward in the opposite direction of the left side.

Fold the corners of each side diagonally.

Make sure to fold each corner of either side of the napkin in half so that the bottom part of the right side of the napkin faces up, while the left side faces down.

Fold each corner of the napkin inward and flip it over.

Pull gently on both sides and you’re done!

From quick and easy to intricate and challenging, there are a wide range of napkin folding techniques to choose from! We at MUSUBI KILN, enjoyed testing out and pairing napkins with beautiful Japanese tableware. We hope that you will also find the perfect style you're looking for to decorate and enhance your dining experience.