9 June 2023

Size Matters: Choosing the Right Trivet For Your Kitchen Ware

Finding a well-fitted trivet can be a tricky affair. Trivets come in various sizes and shapes that can make the selection process difficult. But with some handy pointers and by comparing actual images of kitchenware on trivets in different sizes, you'll be well on your way to choosing a trivet that fits your cookware like a glove.

Take a look at the our trivets in various sizes and find the best match for your culinary needs. 


  • Size is Key
  • Small Size Trivets 
  • Medium Size Trivets
  • Large Size Trivet

Size is Key

Size is the key element to consider when choosing a trivet as your cookware items need to have maximum stability when placed on a trivet and kitchen tops optimal protection from heat.
The diameter of the surface that comes in direct contact with the trivet is usually about 1/2 the length of the diameter of the item. With this measurement in mind as a guideline, choose the proper size trivet for your cookware. Here is a lineup of our trivets according to size. 

Small Size Trivet
Diameter 10.7cm(4.2in)

Tsurugi Nambu Ironware Cast Iron Trivet:Diameter 10.7cm(4.2in)

This is our smallest trivet in our trivet collection. It takes up minimal space on a table and is a perfect fit with our Nambu Ironware Cast Iron Teapot. For small tables and kitchen tops, this cast iron trivet will give protection from the heat without taking excess space. 

Medium Size Trivets 
Diameter 15cm(5.9in) - 20cm(7.9in)

Wave Pattern Nambu Ironware Cast Iron Trivet : Diameter 15cm(5.9in)

This is our footed cast iron trivet in a medium size. The Nambu Ironware Cast Iron Teapot is given a bit more space around its perimeter on this trivet. You can place the teapot without any worries about the base protruding from the trivet. 

This medium-sized larger Nambu Ironware Cast Iron Kettle also fits nicely on this trivet. The footed design protects the table surface even from high temperatures of a heated cast iron kettle. Its dark hue and patterned surface of Nambu Ironware is a natural match with these items.

Four-leaf Nambu Ironware Iron Cast Trivet and Kinomi Nambu Ironware Cast Iron Trivet : Diameter 15cm(5.9in)

These trivets come in an ample size to hold our Ginpo Kikka Banko Donabe Japanese Clay Pot for 2 to 3 persons. The diameter of the clay pot is approximately 24cm(9.4in), but the base diameter is 12cm (4.7in), and rests nicely on this cast iron trivet. And as an added functionality, the Kinomi Nambu Ironware Cast Iron Trivet comes with a handle for easy handling.

Fukami Shuro Palm Trivet S: Diameter 18cm(7.1in)/Inner Diameter 8.5cm(3.3in)
Fukami Shuro Palm Trivet M :Diameter 20cm(7.9in)/Inner Diameter 11cm(4.3in)

These two trivets are grouped together as medium-sized trivets according to their distinct dimensions. Another important factor to consider when using these trivets is its inner diameter. 

If you use small flat saucepans like this 1.5-quart(1.5L) Japanese-style saucepan, the medium Shuro Palm Trivet is an ideal choice. The diameter of the base of this saucepan is 12cm(4.7in) and rests nicely with its rounded base. 

The dainty Shuro Palm Trivet in the smaller size is great for small skillets. This is a 14cm(5.5in) cast iron skillet and fits nicely in the center. 

We also tried the Nambu Ironware Cast Iron Teapot with the small Shuro Palm Trivet. The trivet adds a delightful touch to any Nambu ironware item. Its coarse fibers provide an inviting warmth to counterbalance its solid surface.

Large Size Trivet
Diameter 24cm(9.4in)

Fukami Shuro Palm Trivet L: Diameter 24cm(9.4in)

This is the largest trivet in our lineup. The large Shuro Palm Trivet can hold a 30cm(12in) pan comfortably as seen in this photo. Serving hot meals directly from the stovetop is effortless when you can simply rest a pan on top of the kitchen counter.

If you're planning a clay pot party, this large-size trivet is a wonderful addition. This trivet size caters to our Ginpo Kikka Banko Donabe Japanese Clay Pot for 3 to 4 persons with ease. Not only does it provide an attractive embellishment to your dining table, but also ensures the protection of your surfaces.
Adding to its traditional, earthy design, Donabe clay pots are complemented by the rustic textures of shuro palm.

Say farewell to wobbly pans on small trivets and scorch marks on table tops. When searching for a trivet, take a moment to consider its dimensions to ensure you get the ideal match. Elevate the safety of your food preparation and presentation with trivets in the best size that cater to your kitchenware.

A well-fitted trivet will not only offer proper protection from heat and add to the convenience of your meal prepping, but with its stylish design, it can also help you spruce up your kitchen and dining tops. 

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