20 June 2024

How to Use Chopsticks: Easy Steps for Beginners

Many adults may not realize that they can improve their chopstick skills. While you might have developed your own way of holding them, mastering the proper technique makes it much easier and more enjoyable to pick up and eat any type of food. With the correct grip, you will be able to pick up even individual grains of rice or slippery noodles like ramen.

Everyone has their own unique eating style, but one key aspect of dining gracefully is the proper use of chopsticks. Using chopsticks correctly not only elevates your dining experience but also adds a touch of elegance to your meals.

This blog provides basic steps for beginners to learn how to hold chopsticks. By following these tips and practicing consistently, anyone can become proficient with chopsticks. Use this guide as your reference and master the art of using chopsticks.


  • Picking Up Your Chopsticks
  • Proper Grip Technique
  • Handling and Moving Chopsticks

Picking Up Your Chopsticks

Proper etiquette starts with the way you pick up your chopsticks. Here’s how to master the correct technique:

1. Pick up the chopsticks with your dominant hand.
2. Transfer them to your opposite hand.
3. Adjust to the correct grip with your dominant hand.

When putting down your chopsticks, support them from underneath with your non-dominant hand, slide your right hand on top, and place the tip of your chopsticks on the chopstick rest.

Proper Grip Technique

Step 1: The Pencil Grip
Hold one chopstick as you would a pencil. Use your thumb and index finger to grasp the chopsticks, with your middle finger supporting them. Ensure the tips of the chopsticks point slightly upwards.

Step 2: Adding the Bottom Chopstick
Position the second chopstick. The lower part of the chopsticks is supported by the base of your thumb and the side of your ring finger.

Step 3: Aligning the Tips
Align the tips of the top and bottom chopsticks. Keep the tips slightly apart.

Step 4: Correct Positioning
Hold the chopsticks about two-thirds of the way from the tips. Hold the top chopstick like a pencil, and secure the bottom chopstick between your middle and ring fingers.

Handling and Moving Chopsticks

Step 1: Picking Up Food
With the bottom chopstick stationary, use your thumb, index finger, and middle finger to move the top chopstick to pick up food. By opening and closing the tips, you can grasp items of various sizes.

Step 2: Practice
Practice picking up small items like grains of rice or beans. Even if you find it challenging at first, continue practicing and you’ll gradually improve.

Tips: Avoid applying too much pressure. Move the chopsticks with your fingers, not your wrist. Relax and enjoy the practice.

Mastering how to properly hold chopsticks may initially seem difficult, but with patience and practice, anyone can learn to use them with ease. By following these instructions, you can refine your dining skills and infuse your meals with a sophisticated flair. Consistent practice coupled with a relaxed approach is essential. Take your time and enjoy the process; soon, you will be able to handle even the trickiest of foods effortlessly.
Happy practicing!

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