18 July 2023

A Menu-Inspired Gift Selection for Japanese Cuisine Enthusiasts

When you want to give a gift to family or friends who love Japanese cuisine, why not consider giving them something unique like Japanese tableware? By providing them with special dishes that are perfectly sized and designed for each menu, you can enhance the taste and presentation of their meals, bringing the ambiance of a restaurant into their own homes. For example, if you know someone who loves ramen and enjoys eating it at home, you could consider gifting them a ramen bowl and a special ramen spoon. Or, if you remember how much they enjoyed dining at a sushi restaurant together, a plate that showcases takeout sushi beautifully would be a great choice. By considering the preferences and interests of the recipient, you're sure to bring joy to their hearts with a thoughtful gift.


Chiaki Tominaga

Writer and Editor in Chief of MUSUBI KILN. Previously, she was involved in writing about pop music and fashion. She enjoys going to music festivals in nature, and traveling. Her passion for food cultivated an affection for tableware.


  • Edamame
  • Ramen
  • Udon
  • Okonomiyaki
  • Sushi
  • Tempura


Edamame—these vibrant, young soybeans, blanched to tender perfection and lightly salted, are a quintessential starter, embodying the ethos of Japanese cuisine—simplicity, purity, and the celebration of natural flavors. The Hozan Kiln Botamochi Bizen Ware Half-round Plate makes for an excellent companion, with its earthy, unglazed finish providing a dramatic backdrop to the jade-hued beans, its modest size perfectly suited to the minimalist elegance of the dish.

Hozan Kiln Botamochi Bizen Ware Half-round Plate

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Turning our attention to the richer delights, we find ramen—a comforting bowl of noodles in hearty broth, adorned with diverse toppings that has captured hearts globally. Such a dish deserves a fitting vessel, and the Snow Shino Mino Ware Ramen Bowl M does just that. Its roomy interior easily accommodates a generous portion without feeling cumbersome. The bowl's sophisticated, timeless design subtly complements the ramen, avoiding any distraction from the meal's vibrant ingredients. To enrich your ramen experience, a traditional ramen spoon pairs beautifully with this bowl, simplifying each bite and accentuating the meal's authenticity.

Snow Shino Mino Ware Ramen Bowl M

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Suri Urushi Yamanaka Lacquerware Ramen Spoon

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Udon, in its elegant simplicity, offers a refreshing contrast to its more complex counterpart, ramen. This delightful dish consists of thick, chewy wheat noodles delicately immersed in a subtly flavored broth. The charm of this dish lies not in overwhelming flavors, but rather in the texture of the noodles and the quiet harmony of the ingredients. Setting a perfect stage for such a humble yet captivating dish is the large-sized Green Ash Glaze Mino Ware Donburi Bowl L, with its beautiful green ash glaze. The form of the bowl and the glaze's color exude the warmth of the handmade process and the texture of nature. Its balanced dimensions make this Donburi bowl an excellent serving choice for Soba as well, another treasured noodle dish from the rich tapestry of Japanese cuisine.

Green Ash Glaze Mino Ware Donburi Bowl L

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Okonomiyaki, often referred to as the "as-you-like-it" pancake, is a versatile star in Japanese cuisine. This scrumptious mix of flour, vegetables, and assorted ingredients forms a savory batter that's grilled to golden perfection. Its appeal lies not only in its delicious flavor and balanced nutrition, but also in its adaptability to diverse local tastes, contributing to its growing popularity worldwide. Baizan Kiln's plate, with its sturdy, refreshing feel, provides the perfect backdrop to Okonomiyaki, enhancing its rustic, humble allure.

Baizan Kiln TOKUSA Arabesque Tobe Round Plate

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Yamachiku Crystal Lacquered White Bamboo Reusable Chopsticks 23cm/9.1in

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Sushi, a renowned symbol of Japanese cuisine worldwide, seamlessly combines visual appeal with delectable taste. These meticulously crafted bites of vinegared rice, adorned with the freshest seafood, deserve a presentation that complements their inherent elegance. Introducing the Miyabi Urushi Hinoki Cypress Kiso Woodwork Sushi Plate—a versatile and visually appealing choice for sushi, sashimi, and tempura. Its simple design with aligned side edges showcases the natural beauty of the high-quality Hinoki wood. The plate is spacious enough for a single serving of sushi and brings an authentic atmosphere to your dining table. Perfect for elevating your sushi experience with elegance and charm.

Miyabi Urushi Hinoki–Cypress Kiso Woodwork Sushi Plate

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Tempura, a delightful treat of seafood or vegetables, coated in a light and crispy batter, and deep-fried to golden perfection, deserves the perfect presentation. Soryu Kiln Celadon Tobikanna Kiyomizu Ware Plate (9.4in) is an ideal choice for serving this delectable dish. The design of "Tobikanna" (chattered pottery) engraved on the wide surface beautifully showcases the tempura served in the center, while the transparent celadon blue highlights the crispy texture and bright colors. The earthy texture of the rim contrasts with the glossy celadon, adding a touch of warmth and bringing out the essence of tempura, a dish that makes the most of its ingredients.

Soryu Kiln Celadon Tobikanna Kiyomizu Ware Plate (9.4in)

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Finding Japanese tableware that truly resonated with my taste was no easy feat while living abroad.

During my time living in the United States, I faced a challenge when it came to preparing Japanese food at home—it was often more difficult to find Japanese tableware that I truly liked than gathering the necessary ingredients. Thankfully, I could usually find all the regular meal ingredients at the local supermarket or venture a bit farther to Chinese, Korean, or Japanese grocery stores, where I could get most of the items needed to create a variety of dishes. However, when it came to finding suitable plates and dishes to present the food, the options were limited. The tableware I had brought from Japan had its limitations, resulting in a repetitive table setting for my meals. I often found myself wishing I had brought a wider selection of Japanese tableware, especially for special events or when hosting guests, as it would have allowed me to create a more diverse and visually appealing dining experience.

The featured Japanese tableware presented here comprises traditional crafts from different regions of Japan, making them rather rare to come by overseas. Each piece carries its own story, with connections to specific regions and kilns.  Offering these unique tableware pieces, along with brief anecdotes about their origin and craftsmen, would undoubtedly bring joy to lovers of Japanese cuisine and create a memorable and thoughtful gift.

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