15 May 2024

Father's Day Gifts: 5 Unique Items to Show Gratitude and Appreciation

Are you considering giving something different and special this Father's Day? There are fathers of all types, from those who love sake, to those who enjoy food, to those who appreciate craftsmanship. At MUSUBI KILN, we curate authentic items that embody Japanese tradition, making them the perfect gift for any type of father.

Here, we introduce five unique and stylish items. As you imagine the delight on your father's face, please enjoy selecting the gift.


  • Kiyohide Glass Black Edo Kiriko Rocks Glass
  • Hozan Kiln Hidasuki Gourd‐shaped Bizen Ware Sake Set
  • Tsunoda Seibee Kishu Cypress Two Tiered Bento Box
  • Tosen Kiln Wind God Kiyomizu Ware Cafe au lait Mug
  • Choho Kiln Gold Kutani Owl Figurine

Kiyohide Glass Black Edo Kiriko Rocks Glass

This exquisite glass boasts a substantial weight that hints at its exceptional quality. Black is known to be the most difficult color to work with in Edo Kiriko, highlighting the impressive craftsmanship behind this piece. The intricate geometric patterns are achieved using a traditional technique called Edo Kiriko, where a skilled artisan meticulously carved crystal with a cutting wheel.

This versatile glass is perfect for any beverage, from a refreshing mocktail to a classic cocktail. The included paulownia box adds a touch of luxury, making it the perfect gift for your father to enjoy a sophisticated moment at home.

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Hozan Kiln Hidasuki Gourd‐shaped Bizen Ware Sake Set

This Bizen ware sake set includes a unique gourd-shaped sake carafe and sake cups. The coarse texture, beautiful colors, and pattern known as hidasuki are created by the flames of the kiln. Every time it goes through the firing process, it produces a unique design, making each piece a singular work of art.

With this set and some Japanese sake, your father can instantly create an atmosphere that evokes Japan. Would you like to have a good time with your father over drinks at home?

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Tsunoda Seibee Kishu Cypress Two Tiered Bento Box

Crafted from beautiful Kishu cypress, the two-tiered bento box offers unparalleled versatility for packing lunch. The natural oils of the cypress wood lend a subtle sheen and develop a charming character over time, making this bento box a treasured companion for years to come. Infused with the essence of nature, this bento box exudes a timeless elegance that deepens with each passing year.

Imagine the look of delight on your father's face as he opens his bento box at work. The anticipation of what awaits him inside, the joy of a lovingly prepared lunch. This bento box embodies the very essence of enjoying a meal and creating lasting memories.

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Tosen Kiln Wind God Kiyomizu Ware Cafe au lait Mug

This cafe au lait mug showcases the unique nami-yu glaze, crafted from the ashes of the Kyoto forest, giving it a natural base color of creamy white with a hint of yellow. When held with the right hand, the mug reveals a portrait of Fujin, the Wind God, riding on the blue cloud sprinkled with gold. Fujin is not only a deity of the supernatural but also believed to be a servant of the wise Buddha.

A mug is an essential item used daily, whether it's for morning coffee, afternoon tea, or evening hot chocolate, making it indispensable for many people. How about it for your father who enjoys teatime?

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Choho Kiln Gold Kutani Owl Figurine

This exquisite Kutani ware porcelain owl figurine shines with a golden hue, meticulously crafted to highlight its small, round form. The tranquil golden tint on its feathers enhances its charm, exuding both warmth and elegance. In Japanese culture, the owl is traditionally seen as a symbol of good fortune for business prosperity and is also revered for its association with wisdom and longevity.

It is believed that placing owl figurines in gathering areas such as living rooms and entryways can bring good luck. Let’s display this owl figurine in your father's favorite spot.

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Happy Father’s Day Card

If it's difficult to express your feelings verbally, consider writing them in a letter or message card to give to him. How about sending MUSUBI KILN's "Happy Father’s Day!" card with a gift? The card's color is reminiscent of Japan, and its pattern is traditional, making it a perfect match for Japanese-themed gifts.

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Have you found the perfect gift for your father? Choosing a Father's Day gift is a significant opportunity to express gratitude to your father. Be sure to create plenty of memorable moments with your father.

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