Table Setting #36
What's Inside a Shokado Bento Box?

Creating a Ryotei (fancyJapanese-style restaurant)-like atmosphere by serving 4 different kinds of dishes in each divided part of a Shokado Bento Box.

A Shokado Bento are easy to serve because of the dividers, and they are not only beautiful to look at but also have the great advantage of not transferring the smell of each food.

This Bento box comes with a small bowl, a basket, a wooden plate, and a shallow soup bowl to fit each of the four compartments. In this case, I placed Sashimi, Tempura, salmon roe on rice, and Yuba and shrimp dumplings with Yuzu bean paste.
Just by putting it in the Bento box, it became a beautiful lunch set with a sense of unity.

A warm cup of green tea is the perfect accompaniment to a Shokado Bento. This teapot and teacup are made by Fukuhou Kiln that is famous for its fine Tokusa(stripe) pattern. 
They are thin and light and feel gentle to the mouth and make the taste and flavor of the green tea smooth and mellow.