30 March 2022

Japanese Style Gift Wrapping

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We wrap your order in Furoshiki with all our heart.

We wrap all orders with care using Furoshiki for free. In Japan, there has long been a culture of wrapping gifts and souvenirs in Furoshiki and giving them to people.

Furoshiki is believed to be a thoughtful way of wrapping the heart of the sender together with the package. We will carefully wrap your order in a Furoshiki and deliver it with all our heart.

* If you order a large quantity  and cannot wrap all of the items in a Furoshiki, we will enclose a  Furoshiki.

  • Various ways to use a functional Furoshiki
  • How to choose the right size Furoshiki
  • Find your favorite Furoshiki

Various ways to use a functional Furoshiki

Furoshiki is a very versatile item that can be used to wrap any shape of item. If you learn how to wrap things in different ways, you can wrap a variety of things with just one Furoshiki.

On our YouTube channel, we introduce a variety of easy ways to wrap things using Furoshiki. Let's find your favorite Furoshiki and make your daily life more colorful.

Otsukai-tsutsumi (Gift Wrapping)

Shopping Bag

Flower-tsutsumi (Flower Wrapping)

Single Bottle Wrapping

How to choose the right size Furoshiki

The table below shows the approximate number of items that can be wrapped in each size of furoshiki.

Items to wrap upSmall (17in)
Medium (27in)Large (40in)
Serving Plate
Main Plate0-135
Side Plate25many
Sauce Plate820many
Serving Bowl0-124-6
Small Kobachi Bowl28many
Rice & Soup Bowl148
Sake set(2 carafes + 5 cups)x13
Sake set(1 carafe + 2cups)135
Matcha Bowl128

Small 17in

Medium 27in

Large 40in

Find your favorite Furoshiki

We have Furoshiki in a variety of colors and patterns. Which one would you choose?

Also, having handles and other accessories will greatly expand the range of enjoyment.