Kousai Kiln Grape Series

The Grape series includes tableware items that are all hand painted with bold yet soft designs of grapes and grape leaves. They come in two separate base colors of forest green and vermillion.The coarse texture of the clay is coated with a glossy, bright glaze that the gives the hand painted drawings a three-dimensional appearance. A wonderful collection of tableware items to have when adding nostalgia and warmth to a wooden table top. 

About Kousai Kiln

Kousai Kiln is owned by Mr. Hirohiko Umeno, a potter engaged in pottery making in Hasami-cho, Nagasaki Prefecture. He trained at a Kiyomizu ware kiln in Kyoto City and opened his own kiln in Mt. Nakao in 1991. He produces unique pottery based on handmade and hand-painted techniques.Combining Shigaraki style "Yakishime(high-fired unglazed ceramics)" and traditional "Some-nishiki", his unique style is popular for its fusion of stoneware, which is relatively rare for Hasami ware, and the elegance of Kyo ware style. The unique motifs of the pottery, such as depictions of plants like flowers and grapes, and animals like cats and rabbits, make it fun to choose from a wide variety of pieces.

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