17 May 2024

The Charm of Matsukan Chopsticks

At Matsukan, chopsticks brimming with personality are crafted with an artisan's touch. Made in the heartland of Japan's chopstick industry, Obama City, Fukui Prefecture, their chopsticks add joy and beauty to dining tables. 

This page is your one-stop shop for exploring Matsukan's wonderful pieces from the colorful artistry of the Crystal series to the timeless elegance of the Furui Masahiro collection. We have a pair (or more!) waiting to elevate your dining experience. 


  • Traditional: Furui Masahiro Collection
  • Colorful: Crystal Series
  • Floral: Sakura Series 
  • Art: Rimpa Series
  • Natural: Kyoto Bamboo Series

 Traditional: Furui Masahiro Collection

Furui Masahiro is the sole chopstick specialist amongst the five certified Traditional Craftspeople of Wakasa lacquerware in Obama City. With over 60 years of experience, Furui has become one of the most respected chopstick artisans in the region.

His chopsticks are durably lacquered, and uniquely adorned with traditional techniques and materials, embodying the true essence of Wakasa lacquerware.

The Oki-gai chopsticks are a luxurious display of traditional Wakasa lacquer mastery. Adorned with quail egg shells, mother-of-pearl and gold leaf, their designs capture the scenic shores of Wakasa Bay and echo the rich history of the town. These chopsticks shimmer enchantingly in the light, bringing splendor and storytelling to your dining experience.

Slim and minimalistically stylish, the Kai-kiriko chopsticks mesmerize with the eternal glow of mother-of-pearl inlays cut in precise rectangular slices. Each piece is carefully placed to create a checkered ichimatsu pattern, regarded as a symbol of endless prosperity. Gift these chopsticks to that special someone as a thoughtful and elegant gesture.

Colorful: Crystal Series

The chopsticks in this series charm with their vibrant colors, reminiscent of gazing upon a masterpiece painting. And like a painting, each chopstick is delicately colored with strokes of a brush. The inspiration for each design comes directly from the landscapes visible from the workshop windows. Artisan Fujii Yuya continues the legacy of his predecessor, Matoba Masayoshi, with his paint brushing technique.

True hand-painted gems. The Crystal Yozora chopsticks capture the mystical charm of the night sky. Their deep black and red ends dotted with twinkling stars, blend into an exquisite marbled pattern. Belts of blue and green amplify their stunning beauty.

The Crystal Hidamari chopsticks express sunlight filtering through tree leaves, embodying the interplay of light and shadow in lush forests. The natural wood grain patterns, along with a collage of colors, are beautifully preserved under a carefully applied transparent overcoat. Complementing these, Hasami ware chopstick rests in shades of matte pink and light green will complete your table setting, further adding touches of softness.

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Floral: Sakura Series

Experience the ethereal grace of cherry blossoms all year long with the Sakura series. Each chopstick is adorned with delicately painted cherry blossom motifs on the handles, while the chopstick rests are adorably shaped like Japanese confections, akin to actual blossoms. This collection allows you to quietly savor the spirit of a Japanese spring.

The Sakura Fuji chopsticks feature the iconic Mt. Fuji and cherry blossoms. The dramatic interplay of black and deep red creates a bold backdrop that highlights Japan's famed mountain in a delicate yet striking manner.

The Sakura Breeze chopsticks masterfully convey the feeling of a soft breeze drifting through cherry blossoms. Gold cherry blossoms on a brown base radiate grace, while silver blooms against a black backdrop offer a sleek, contemporary contrast. The full bloom of cherry blossoms symbolize prosperity and abundance.

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Art: Rimpa Series 

The visual intrigue of Rimpa artistry, celebrated for over 400 years, is honored in the chopsticks from the Rimpa series. Originating in the Edo period (1603 CE–1868 CE), the Rimpa school of painting emphasizes natural and seasonal motifs, drawing inspiration from classic Japanese literature like The Tale of Genji and ancient courtier poems. These chopsticks offer a contemporary take on Rimpa's vibrant legacy.

Captivate your senses with the Rimpa Red and White Plum Blossoms chopsticks. These artistic pairs dazzle in vivid red and pristine white. Inspired by the pioneering techniques of Ogata Korin, the blooms, known as Korin-bai, are celebrated for their unique artistic interpretation of plum blossoms—from the detailed arrangement of buds to the lifelike depiction of tree trunks.

Ideal for gifting, this set comes in an exquisitely painted paulownia box, also decorated with vivid red and white plum blossoms.

Green pine trees vividly stand against a pristine white backdrop, while on the light green pair, slim bamboo leaves shimmer in hues of green and gold. The Rimpa Pine and Bamboo chopsticks celebrate longevity with the pine tree motif, while the bamboo design, revered for its associations with prosperity and resilience, imbues this set with a particularly auspicious essence.

This set is nestled within a paulownia box, adorned with robust, node-marked bamboo and lush pine branches, capturing a scene of natural splendor and elevating the presentation to a work of art.

Natural: Kyoto Bamboo Series

This series features chopsticks made from selected bamboo crafted in Kyoto. Using age-old traditional techniques, the bamboo used in these sets embody  rich heritage and expert craftsmanship. The delicate fibers, enriched by Kyoto's clay-rich soil, lend each chopstick refined beauty and a deep, historical narrative.

The Square Shiratake Kyoto Bamboo chopsticks are meticulously carved into a distinctive square form and completed with a smooth lacquer finish. Underneath the lacquer, glimpses of white bamboo offer a subtle combination of texture and color. 

The tips are delicately refined to an extraordinary thinness, perfect for appreciating the subtle flavors of exquisite dishes like sashimi and soba.

Crafted from the distinctive Kyoto bamboo known as zumendake, the Octagonal Zumen Kyoto Bamboo chopsticks bring its original flair to the table. In their first year, the bamboo's exterior is transformed into an artiful canvas, where patterns are created using an intricate blend of soil and other materials, applied with specialized tools.

Each pattern is a unique masterpiece, where no two pairs are alike. 

Chopsticks from Matsukan will ignite a burst of creativity in your table settings, transforming every meal into a joyous and exciting experience. Savor happy moments at the table with your favorite pair from Matsukan.

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