Matsukan has been dedicated to the art of crafting exquisite lacquered chopsticks for the past 100 years. Located in Obama City, renowned for its lacquered chopsticks industry deeply rooted in the local Wakasa lacquerware tradition, Matsukan has passionately infused excitement to many through their chopsticks.

Chopsticks from Matsukan

Since their establishment in 1922, Matsukan has consistently brought joyous excitement to the table through their beautifully crafted lacquered chopsticks. With an unwavering commitment to continue to deliver this enthusiasm to suit our ever-changing lifestyles, they strive to shine and offer unparalleled quality.

With a century of expertise to their name, Matsukan pushes the boundaries of innovation, ensuring that their chopsticks remain timeless works of art. Step into the world of Matsukan, where tradition and innovation seamlessly blend, and every meal transforms into a happy celebration with their finely handcrafted chopsticks.

Sound of Sea Series

The Sound of Sea is a new series created by Matsukan, utilizing the traditional Wakasa lacquerware craft that has been passed down for approximately 400 years since the Edo period.

The chopstick rest in this series is modeled after the seashell-shaped rakugan, a traditional Japanese confection from the long-established sweets shop Iseya in Obama. The mother-of-pearl emits a colorful and enchanting glow, and the seashell-shaped chopstick rest seems to produce the sound of the sea.

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Kyoto Bamboo Series

This series showcases chopsticks crafted from select bamboo grown in Kyoto. Employing age-old traditional techniques, these bamboo chopsticks embody a rich heritage and masterful artistry. The delicate fibers, enriched by Kyoto’s clay-rich soil, endow each chopstick with refined beauty and a profound historical narrative. Their natural elegance will add a touch of serene charm to your table, gracefully elevating your dining experience.

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Rimpa Series  

Discover the artistic heritage of the Rimpa school, dating back about 400 years, through Matsukan's beautifully designed chopsticks in the Rimpa series. These modern chopsticks fuse Rimpa's vibrant tradition with contemporary aesthetics. They feature auspicious designs such as red and white plum blossoms, and vividly colored pine and bamboo, both celebrating the enduring beauty of nature.

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Crystal Series 

The Crystal series captures the artistic spirit of Matoba Masayoshi, a master chopstick craftsman at Matsukan celebrated for creating over 500 beautiful chopstick designs. Each pair is meticulously hand-painted using the fude-gaki technique, Matoba's original brush-painting method that gives a fresh take on the Wakasa lacquerware tradition. Today, the craft lives on through Fujii Yuya, his apprentice who perpetuates the vibrancy and inventive spirit of Matoba's legacy, ensuring that chopsticks from this series continue to add a burst of color and life to the dining table.

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Sakura Series 

The Sakura series is a symphony of artistry and tradition. Every pair in this series embodies the delicate allure of sakura, Japan's iconic cherry blossoms, renowned for their fleeting beauty and cultural significance. These chopsticks celebrate their elegance, designed to bring the serene grace of a Japanese spring to your dining experience. Each set is presented in a paulownia wood box, making it an exceptionally delightful choice for a gift.

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Furui Masahiro Collection

Chopsticks from this collection are crafted by Furui Masahiro, an accredited Traditional Craftsperson of Wakasa lacquerware. His chopsticks are the epitome of the beauty and meticulous craftsmanship that Wakasa lacquerware has to offer.

In his workshop, Furui's hands gracefully adorn chopsticks with stunning raden "mother-of-pearl inlays," and rankaku "eggshell inlays" decorations, capturing the essence of Obama City's heritage. Inspired by the natural beauty of Wakasa's shores, these chopsticks add artful elegance to a table.