20 September  2023

The Craft of Gifting Japanese Lacquerware

As the amber hues of autumn descend upon the landscape, they usher in a season of warmth, reflection, and gratitude. It's during these moments that we often turn our thoughts towards cherishing and celebrating the bonds we share with friends and family.

From the legacy-rich regions of Echizen to the innovative designs of Sinra, we present an array of handpicked lacquerware gifts. An ideal present for those with a refined palate and an appreciation for art that functions beyond its aesthetic appeal.

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply wish to gift a touch of Japan's heritage, these selections promise to be cherished keepsakes that echo the spirit of autumn.


  • Tradition & Elegance: Echizen Lacquerware Sake Cup Set
  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: Aizu Lacquerware Jubako Bento Box 
  • Artistry in Wood: Yamanaka Lacquerware Box
  • Golden Allure: Aizu Lacquerware Guinomi Sake Cup
  • Zen Dining Elegance: Yamanaka Lacquerware Oryoki Bowl Set
  • Plum Blossom Radiance: Echizen Lacquerware Teacup Coasters
  • Nature's Embrace: Yamanaka Lacquerware Rice Bowl
  • Silver Resonance: Kagawa Lacquerware Guinomi Sake Cup

Tradition & Elegance: Echizen Lacquerware Sake Cup Set

Sakura Maki-e Echizen Lacquerware Stacked Sake Cup Set With Dice

Dive into the tradition of Japan with this exquisite set of six sake cups from Echizen lacquerware. Boasting a legacy spanning over 1,500 years, Echizen lacquerware is known for its sheer beauty and durability. Each cup, adorned with one to six Sakura (cherry blossom) petals, is not just a drinking vessel but also a medium for a fun dice game during gatherings. Roll the die and let fate guide your hand. Find the cup whose petals matches the die's count, then savor a sip of sake from that cup.

These cups are versatile – apart from being the highlight at "Hanami" (cherry blossom viewing) celebrations or New Year's parties, they can serve as petite dishes for condiments and pickles. The cups nest seamlessly and can be stored in a matching lidded lacquerware round box. For those who cherish sake or have a heart for Japanese artistry, this unique set makes a memorable gift.

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Exquisite Craftsmanship: Aizu Lacquerware Jubako Bento Box 

Fukunishi Sobe Chrysanthemum Aizu Lacquerware Two Tiers Jubako Bento Box

A perfect gift for those who appreciate the fine intricacies of traditional Japanese artistry: our two-tiered stacked box, crafted from the renowned Aizu lacquer ware. This compact masterpiece is not only functional, serving as a holder for delicacies or decorative items, but it's also a testament to the dedication of skilled maki-e artists. Each box boasts the exquisite Aizu-e design, with hand-painted chrysanthemum flowers, a symbol of good fortune and longevity in Japanese culture.

Embracing the unique beauty of handmade craftsmanship, every piece showcases subtle differences in the gold paintings - some may appear blurred while others pool in captivating patterns. Whether used daily or brought out for special occasions, its timeless elegance ensures it's a gift that will be cherished for years to come.

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Artistry in Wood: Yamanaka Lacquerware Box

Hibiki Yamanaka Lacquerware Box with Dividers

Send a touch of traditional craftsmanship with this premium wooden box from Yamanaka lacquerware. Renowned for their expertise in enhancing natural wood grains, artisans employ the "wipe-lacquer" technique— a meticulous process of applying and wiping off lacquer repeatedly. This results in a polished finish, boasting a lustrous elegance and showcasing the intricate wood grains. Crafted from high-quality Japanese wood, this box captures the very essence of nature in its varying wood grain patterns. Externally, it's coated in black lacquer, subtly revealing the stunning wood grain underneath. Inside, the natural hue and texture of the wood remain untouched, creating an aesthetic reminiscent of nature's beauty.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, it's incredibly functional — ideal for serving appetizers or side dishes, with dividers allowing for versatile presentations. Serve dishes directly or utilize it as a decorative piece for accessories, adding sophistication to any room. A genuine reflection of Japanese mastery, this wooden box is an exquisite gift for those with a penchant for artistry and functionality.

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Golden Allure: Aizu Lacquerware Guinomi Sake Cup 

Fukunishi Sobe Black and Gold Aizu Lacquerware Guinomi Sake Cup

This small Guinomi sake cup is a masterpiece that combines a striking two-tone palette of black and gold — an embodiment of festive grandeur. When filled with sake, the cup's lacquer radiates, enhancing its glossy allure. Each piece showcases the meticulous craftsmanship of Fukunishi Sobe, with every decoration hand-painted using brushes and cotton buds. As a result, each cup has its unique finish: some with blurred golden strokes and others with pooled paints, adding to the charm of its handcrafted nature.

Its timeless design ensures flexibility, making it perfect for everyday use or memorable gatherings with guests. A gift that captures cultural essence and allure, this sake cup will be deeply appreciated by those who value artisanal craftsmanship and refinement.

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Zen Dining Elegance: Yamanaka Lacquerware Oryoki Bowl Set

Black and Red Lacquer Yamanaka Lacquerware Oryoki Bowl Set

Introduce the serene elegance and simplicity of a Zen-inspired meal into your daily life or special occasions with the Yamanaka Lacquerware Oryoki bowl set. A harmonious blend of chic black and rich red, these lacquerware bowls embody traditional techniques. Perfect for both daily use and entertaining guests, each bowl ingeniously serves as a lid for larger ones, ensuring your meals remain warm.

The Oryoki bowl set's compact and sturdy design allows for convenient storage and durability. Gift this set as an expression of Japanese creativity and innovation, and invite that special someone to a dining experience that marries tradition with contemporary design.

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Plum Blossom Radiance: Echizen Lacquerware Teacup Coasters

Plum Blossom Echizen Lacquerware Teacup Coaster Set

Meticulously designed with a plum blossom motif, these stunning teacup coasters of Echizen lacquerware exemplify the "Tame-nuri" technique: a delicate overlay of translucent black lacquer atop a rich red middle coat, allowing the red to subtly shine through. The coasters, shaped to reflect the auspicious plum blossom in full bloom, possess smooth and rounded edges on both sides, with the petal curvatures accentuating the lustrous Tame-nuri shine. 

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Plum Blossom Echizen Lacquerware Red Teacup Coaster Set

For the red variant, each piece is elegantly crafted, reflecting the auspicious plum blossom motif and coated in a deep, vermillion red hue known as "Kodai-shu" or "ancient vermillion." This particular shade boasts a serene blackish undertone, promising to add a vibrant yet sophisticated touch to any table setting. 

Ideal for entertaining, these coasters exude refinement and pair perfectly with Kumi-dashi tea cups that have a wider frontage. The set, comprising five coasters, caters to gatherings of up to five guests. An ideal gift choice for those who hope to integrate the grace of lacquerware into their tea-drinking occasions. 

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Nature's Embrace: Yamanaka Lacquerware Rice Bowl

Japanese Cherry Birch Yamanaka Lacquerware Japanese Rice Bowl

Handcrafted by renowned artisans, this bowl celebrates the profound artistry of Yamanaka lacquerware, skillfully highlighting the grain and texture of cherry birch. Its lightness combined with its gentle texture ensures comfortable handling, while its natural insulating properties keep your warm food from cooling down too quickly.

Captured in a classic design, this rice bowl ensures lasting quality, making it ideal for everyday dining or impressing guests on celebratory occasions. A gift that effortlessly marries culture with utility, this bowl is a wonderful selection for those who value genuine artistry in their daily lives.

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Silver Resonance: Kagawa Lacquerware Wide Guinomi Sake Cup

Sinra Nishiki Kagawa Lacquerware Wide Guinomi Sake Cup

Presenting the Sinra Wide Guiomi Sake Cup: an exquisite piece of Kagawa lacquerware that redefines conventional boundaries. Rare in its design, this sake cup boasts a metallic allure achieved through a blend of black and silver, presenting a captivating contrast between its sharp outer appearance and the gentle wood grain within. Surprisingly lightweight and crafted with precision ergonomics, this cup is a pleasure to hold, melding both form and function. Beyond its primary use, the tactile experience of holding this vessel evokes a deeper appreciation, making it not just a cup, but a piece of art.

Sinra, under the vision of its founder and lacquer artist, Kota Matsumoto, transforms traditional Kagawa lacquerware into innovative masterpieces. Gifting this sake cup is not just offering a drinking vessel, but an invitation into the world of Sinra – a realm where art meets daily life.

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In the resplendent tapestry of Japanese craftsmanship, lacquerware emerges as an enduring thread, weaving tales of tradition, artistry, and unrivaled quality. As autumn paints nature in hues of warmth and splendor, what could be a more fitting gesture than to gift a piece of Japanese heritage?.

This season, let these lacquerware treasures, handpicked from the heart of Japan, serve as both a tribute to the time-honored skills of the artisans and a symbol of your cherished bonds.

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