19 April 2024

Gift Ideas for Tea Ceremony Utensils

Tea ceremony holds a significant place in Japanese culture, embodying the principles of Zen Buddhism. It represents the pursuit of spiritual clarity and the beauty of simplicity. 

Matcha, a versatile beverage, has garnered widespread popularity and captivated the hearts of many. For those interested in the art of making it, preparing the utensils at home not only allows them to experience making matcha themselves but also provides an opportunity to enjoy the inner tranquility that comes with the process.

The following tea ceremony tools are ideal gifts for family, friends, or even yourself. It's not merely giving a present, but also offering a means of relaxation and an experience of traditional Japanese culture to those around you.


  • Tanaka Toubou Kyo Ware Matcha Bowl Chawan
  • Nishimoto Chasen Matcha Whisk
  • Pine Tree Bamboo Plum Yamanaka Lacquerware Natsume Matcha Container
  • Yatsuyanagi Lacquered Akita Cherry Bark Work Chashaku Tea Scoop
  • Tosen Kiln Kozan-ji Temple Choju Giga Kiyomizu Ware Matcha Whisk Holder & Matcha Bowl Chawan

Tanaka Toubou Kyo Ware Matcha Bowl Chawan

This matcha bowl chawan is decorated with exquisite design, and adorned with colorful clematis flowers. A single clematis bloom elegantly decorates the inner surface, perfectly placed to be admired while enjoying matcha. Its deeper structure makes it especially suitable for those just beginning to explore matcha. Clematis flowers typically bloom in May and June, making this bowl an ideal birthday gift for families and friends born in these months.

Vivid pink and blue hydrangea flowers embellish the front of this matcha bowl chawan, while a red hydrangea on the inner rim enhances the experience of drinking matcha by offering a view of the lovely floral pattern. Hydrangea flowers typically bloom in the summer, making them particularly appropriate for use during this season. 

This matcha bowl chawan is beautifully decorated with numerous purple and white cosmos flowers. Additionally, two of these blooms embellish the inner surface, providing an opportunity to enjoy the lovely patterns as one drinks their matcha. Cosmos flowers typically bloom in October, making them an ideal birthday gift for families and friends born in that month.

Decorated with two cute rabbits and a moon motif with carefully painted autumnal plants, each stroke brings the richness of the fall season to life. This choice of decoration does more than beautify; it connects the users to the natural world. As they cradle the chawan, they are not just holding a bowl; they're holding a piece of art that celebrates the impermanence and beauty of nature. It will help users to immerse themselves more fully in the beautiful world of the tea ceremony.

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Nishimoto Chasen Matcha Whisk

The bamboo matcha whisk, known as chasen in Japanese, dates back to Muromachi period (1336 CE-1573 CE). Crafted from a single piece of bamboo, the chasen is meticulously designed to blend matcha powder with hot water, ensuring a smooth, frothy macha. Serving as more than just a whisk, the chasen connects contemporary tea enthusiasts to the rich history and ritualistic beauty of Japanese tea culture, enabling an authentic matcha experience in the modern home.

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Pine Tree Bamboo Plum Yamanaka Lacquerware Natsume Matcha Container

This container, known as natsume, is so named because its shape closely resembles that of jujube, which is called natsume in Japanese. It is specifically designed for holding powdered matcha in readiness for the tea ceremony. It is not meant for long-term storage but rather to facilitate the smooth transfer of matcha from its main container to the matcha bowl chawan. The decoration featuring the pine tree, bamboo, and plum on a natsume which are known in Japan for their auspicious significance, represents resilience, endurance, and renewal. The container's auspicious motif and beauty make it an ideal choice as a thoughtful gift.

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Yatsuyanagi Lacquered Akita Cherry Bark Work Chashaku Tea Scoop 

The chashaku, a tea scoop from Yatsuyanagi, essential for measuring matcha in tea ceremonies, embodies the practitioner's values with its simple, elegant design. Crafted from durable wild cherry bark from Tohoku, known for its beauty, this utensil is a testament to sustainable craftsmanship. For those who love and wish to try the tea ceremony, this will be a suitable gift.

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Tosen Kiln Kozan-ji Temple Choju Giga Kiyomizu Ware Matcha Whisk Holder & Matcha Bowl Chawan

This matcha whisk holder, in a yellowish cream-white base, serves as a traditional tool to maintain the shape of a chasen, matcha whisk. Its use prevents bamboo bristles from straightening, ensuring longevity. This piece features depictions of anthropomorphic animals from the choju giga scrolls, a national treasure. The craftsmanship extends to individualized paintwork by Japanese-style painters, adding originality and depth. This cute design, coupled with skilled underglaze painting, will bring a playful yet refined touch to the tea ceremony.

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Similar to the aforementioned matcha whisk holder, this item also features hand-painted anthropomorphic animals. As you enjoy your matcha, rotating the tea bowl clockwise reveals a charming picture of joyful animals before you. This includes rabbits and frogs participating in a musical concert, alongside a fox and monkey engaged in a spirited dance. A playful element is also introduced with the image of a rabbit humorously sprawled at the base of the bowl, having slipped and fallen.

These two items are perfectly suited for use together, making the atmosphere of a traditional tea ceremony more enjoyable and relaxed.

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At MUSUBI KILN, we offer an exquisite selection of matcha items. Consider choosing gifts from these elegant offerings, perfect for a special matcha ceremony experience for your loved ones.

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