31 May 2023

Memorable Japanese Gifts: For Your Colleagues and Business Relations

Having spent a significant period living abroad while working in the trading company, I have dedicated countless hours to the art of gift selection. Tailoring each gift to the recipient has always been my priority, but I also strive to choose exceptional treasures that are truly unparalleled. That's where the concept of Japanese craftsmanship, with its inherent beauty of handmade creations, captivated my imagination.

In this blog post, I am excited to share a glimpse into the world of gifts I have personally given, categorized based on the recipient and the specific occasion. Let's embark on this journey together and celebrate the art of gift-giving in all its thoughtful glory.


Mototsugu Fusada

Founder of MUSUBI KILN.
He is passionate about collecting unique tableware for daily use from various countries. His favorite weekend activities are outdoor activities such as fishing and camping, and cooking.


  • Birthday gift for the president of a business partner
  • Farewell Gift for a Supervisor Relocating Overseas
  • Souvenir for Contract-Signed Partners
  • Personal Wedding Gift to a Very Close Business Partner
  • Farewell Gift for a Senior Employee in a Team
  • Additional: Gift Inspiration for Future Corporate Gifting Opportunities

Birthday gift for the president of a business partner

Seigado Tales of a Century Silver Chirori Tin Sake Carafe

Seigado Tin Guinomi Sake Cup

When I heard that the president of a business partner company had started showing interest in Japanese sake, I decided to go with a sake-related gift. Since the president was already a wine enthusiast, I thought that having more items to enhance his drinking experience might encourage him to enjoy sake even more. Additionally, sake sets have a collectible aspect, so even if he already had one, I believed he would appreciate it.

During a visit to the president's office, I noticed an impressive metallic sculpture displayed there, so I chose something made of metal rather than glass for adding a unique touch. Among the options, tin stood out due to its exceptional texture, and I thought it would be great to share the background of the artisans who handcrafted it. Moreover, there is a belief that tin can enhance the flavor of sake, providing a smoother taste and creating a sense of exclusivity that adds to the overall premium experience.

The gift was presented in a luxurious wooden box, which added to the sense of anticipation and made the unveiling a special moment. The president was delighted with the gift and later invited me to a sake tasting event at his home, which further deepened our connection. It remains a cherished memory for me.

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Farewell Gift for a Supervisor Relocating Overseas

Sushi Oke Set and Sushi Geta (actually purchased from Amazon)

I heard that my boss was going to be transferred to the U.S. for the first time and that he was sad to leave his good friends living in Japan. He seemed a little anxious about whether or not he would be able to make friends there. I thought he would make many friends right away, as he has a very open personality, and I wanted to send him an item that would help him do so.

I sent him a "Sushi Oke" (a wooden bowl for sushi rice) set and sushi wooden tray as items to throw a full-fledged sushi party at his home with his colleagues and friends he made there.

Later, I received a photo of him having a sushi party with his friends. He couldn't get much fresh fish for sushi and ended up having only salmon sushi, but I was happy to hear that he had a great time.

Souvenir for Contract-Signed Partners

Arita Ware Fountain Pen

On the day of the contract signing for an important project I was involved in, I thought about a gift to present to the other party as a souvenir item. Apart from knowing that one of them was a German man in his 40s and the other an American man in his late 30s, I had very little information about their preferences and hobbies. Therefore, I wanted to avoid something that would have diverse tastes or preferences.

While a fountain pen is a common gift for contract signing ceremonies, I thought that a well-known brand might already be in their possession and would not leave a lasting impression. So, I decided to give them an Arita ware fountain pen to create a unique Japanese atmosphere.

To enhance the presentation, I placed the Arita ware fountain pen next to the contract documents. The moment they noticed it, they exclaimed, "This is wonderful! Where can I get one?" I explained that it was a gift for them to take home after the signing. They were genuinely delighted when I told them I had prepared it specifically for that purpose.

Personal Wedding Gift to a Very Close Business Partner

Lacquered Set of Two Pairs of Chopsticks

I decided to send a wedding gift to a person who was my age, who was initially a client, but who I got along with and became good friends outside of work. Knowing how sociable and well-connected he is, I figured he would receive many gifts from others as well.

Considering his recent move to a new home, I wanted to give him something that wouldn't be redundant or take up much space. I also didn't want to intimidate him with too expensive and luxurious a gift, but still want to give something that will show my gratitude. After careful consideration, I decided on a set of lacquered chopsticks, which not only had practical use but also carried auspicious symbolism for happiness.

It seemed that they had never paid much attention to the quality of their chopsticks and had been using ones bought from a general store. They were genuinely pleased to receive the beautifully crafted lacquered chopsticks. They mentioned that they had always wanted to own nicer ones but never had the chance to buy them, as their current ones were still usable. It brought me joy to provide them with something of high quality that could make their lives more enjoyable on a day-to-day basis. That was my wish for them as they embark on this new stage in life.

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Farewell Gift for a Senior Employee in a Team

Kuska Neckties

I decided to give a gift to a senior colleague who had always been supportive and looked out for me, as a way to express my gratitude. Knowing that he had fashionable taste, I initially considered fashion items. However, I thought it would be best to choose something simple yet of high quality, rather than opting for something with a distinct design. That's when I came across the brand Kuska, which specializes in exquisite Kyoto "Chirimen" (silk crepe) fabric known for its beautiful texture and profound background.

After presenting the gift, I later learned that my senior colleague had read the leaflet inside and discovered it was made of Kyoto chirimen fabric. He was impressed and visited the brand's website to read about the craftsmanship and the artisans' dedication. I was delighted to hear that he was genuinely pleased with the gift and even purchased another item with a different design. It made me feel confident in my choice and glad that it resonated with him.

Additional: Gift Inspiration for Future Corporate Gifting Opportunities

Seven Lucky Gods Kutani Ware Sake Cup Set

The set includes sake cups with illustrations of each of the Seven Lucky Gods. It creates a festive atmosphere and would be great to use when drinking with a group of people. I would consider choosing this as a gift for occasions like celebratory parties where it can be used right away.

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Gifting has the capability to create an abiding impact and generate a true transformation. I personally believe that the most vital part of a present is its demonstration of genuine appreciation. Here, on this blog, I have described my encounter with picking out Japanese gifts that be very memorable. Each one reflects the elegance of Japanese handicrafts and each gift is extensively considered for both the person receiving it and any corresponding celebration or commemoration. I hope this article will help bring joy and strengthen relationships in your business.

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