7 February 2024

A Host of Gifts to Your Host

As the weather warms, we can begin to feel the essence of spring. In Japan, key life events such as graduations, starting new jobs, and a new academic year all take place in spring. Spring marks the commencement of new chapters in our lives. In such a beautiful season, there are undoubtedly many opportunities to gather with loved ones. And whether it's a family get-together or a party among friends, presenting the host with a thoughtful gift is a wonderful way to express your appreciation and heartfelt wishes.

At Musubi Kiln, we offer carefully selected gifts, each beautifully crafted and imbued with auspicious meanings. Your host will surely feel the depth of your blessings and affection upon receiving them.


  • Gingado Red Reverse Mt. Fuji Takaoka Copperware Ikebana Flower Vase
  • Kakinuma Ningyo Furisode Edo Kimekomi Doll Lucky Cat
  • Hakuichi Golden Crane Kanazawa Gold Leaf Chopstick Rest Pair
  • Rinkuro Pomegranate Old Imari Japanese Teapot Set 
  • Plum Branch Maki-e Yamanaka Lacquerware Candy Box

Gingado Red Reverse Mt. Fuji Takaoka Copperware Ikebana Flower Vase

This vase features a very unique design, modeled after Mt. Fuji, the cultural symbol of Japan. In the serene early mornings from late summer to the cusp of autumn, Mt. Fuji transforms into a breathtaking vision as it is cloaked in a mesmerizing red hue.

When gifting this vase, you can match it with a carefully arranged bouquet of your choice. The host will surely be touched and pleasantly surprised upon receiving this exquisite pairing. Once placed on a shelf or table, it will serve as a beautiful reminder to your host of the joy experienced upon receiving such a thoughtful present.

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Kakinuma Ningyo Furisode Edo Kimekomi Doll Lucky Cat

If the host is a cat lover, what could be more suitable than this gift? The cat raises one paw, as if in greeting – a characteristic gesture of a lucky cat, symbolizing the bringing of good luck and wealth to the owner.

This lucky cat from Kakinuma Ningyo dons a red furisode kimono decorated with classic floral motifs such as cherry blossoms and chrysanthemums. Brimming with auspiciousness and crafted with traditional skills, this doll is perfect as a gift.

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Hakuichi Golden Crane Kanazawa Gold Leaf Chopstick Rest Pair

This is a very charming pair of golden chopstick rests. These auspicious chopstick rests are made by skilled artisans at Hakuichi applying thin sheets of gold leaves to a Mino-ware base. Their design is exquisitely detailed and highly practical, and wonderfully enhances a dining table, adding warmth and vibrancy to special meals.

These chopstick rests are designed in the shape of cranes made by folded origami. In Japan, cranes are symbolic of longevity making them ideal gifts to elders. 

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Rinkuro Pomegranate Old Imari Japanese Teapot Set

Ideal for the host who takes joy in entertaining, this Japanese teapot set presents a modern take on traditional Old Imari patterns, achieving an authentic feel with its stylized pomegranate design and a harmonious blend of vibrant colors with gold. It comes with one teapot and five teacups making it suitable for serving guests. 

The pomegranate pattern on the cups symbolizes vitality and prosperity, while the chrysanthemum represents nobility and purity. The gold trimming adds to the set's exquisiteness. 

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Plum Branch Maki-e Yamanaka Lacquerware Candy Box

The charm of this candy box lies in its smooth, lacquered surface and warm touch, enhanced by its deep red hue and golden plum blossoms. The intricate craftsmanship of the maki-e designs give it an enchanting and auspicious glow.

Moreover, the candy box's versatile size makes it a perfect container not just for candies but also for cookies or mini cakes. When gifting, you could fill it with your own homemade delicious cookies or the host's favorite sweets. This thoughtful gesture is sure to bring layers of delightful surprises to the recipient. 

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Sometimes choosing a gift for the host of a gathering may seem like a challenging task, yet it's a joyful endeavor to select something special just for that person. You can look forward to the surprised and touched expressions when they receive your gift. Choosing the right present not only brings happiness to the recipient but also imparts a sense of fulfillment and joy to the giver.