25 November 2022

 Looking for a Perfect Pair Gift? 

Gifting is a way for us all to show affection and gratitude to those we care about. It may be a gift for someone special, for a friend who has a partner, or for the family to enjoy together. Sharing matching items with someone is double the joy and can make a partner feel closer to each other's presence even when apart.

The best reason to give your loved one a gift is simply because you're thinking of them and to show your gratitude. When you send someone a gift, you first consider what kind of gifts to choose depending on their preferences and what that person would be happy to receive. Thinking of the person you are sending a gift to is already a fun-filled experience!!

Let's find a thoughtful gift to show gratitude, make your friends smile, cheer them up, or let them know you miss them. Here's a list of our recommended pairs of gifts perfect for any occasion.


  • Mt.Fuji and Sakura Yamanaka Lacquerware Pair Reusable Chopsticks 23cm/9in
  • Shirochibu Kutani Japanese Teapot Set
  • Hozan Kiln Hidasuki Bizen Ware Japanese Teacup Pair
  • Hanazume Kutani Japanese Rice Bowl Pair
  • Arita Porcelain Lab Yazaemon "Old Imari" Sakura Sake Set
  • Plum Flower Kutani Sake Set

Mt.Fuji and Sakura Yamanaka Lacquerware Set of Two Pairs of Chopsticks 23cm/9in

Since chopsticks are used in pairs, they have been thought of as a symbol of a husband and wife helping and supporting each other. Giving chopsticks as a gift also means praying for "wealth" and "health" so one does not have to worry about eating. In addition, they have a metaphor for "bridge," meaning a bridge that deepens the bond between husband and wife and a bridge to happiness.

This set of Japanese reusable chopsticks features Mt. Fuji, drawn in shimmering fine lame at the top. The design on the diagonal cross-section is unique and hard to find anywhere else. Its timeless design is suitable for long-term use, daily use, or entertaining guests.

It is also a good idea to find chopstick rests from our collection to be included in this pair of chopsticks gift. 

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Shirochibu Kutani Japanese Teapot Set

Did you know that teapot sets are a popular housewarming gift or gift for a tea-loving friend? This beautiful Japanese teapot set, made by artisans using the traditional techniques of Kutani Ware, is a design that will never go out of style and can be used for a long time. It would be nice to entertain guests with this beautiful teapot set to make your time together more stylish.

Using the long history of the painting technique "Shirochibu," small dots in white are applied to the colored background to create a unique texture. A precise technique of Kutani is required to make the dots the same size, evenly spaced, and the same color. It is a perfect gift in the sense that people can experience the work of traditional craftsmanship.

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Hozan Kiln Hidasuki Bizen Ware Japanese Teacup Pair

After a long busy day, there's nothing like a leisurely time for a cup of tea with your partner. This Bizen Ware teacup set will create a more blessed time. It has a pattern called "Hidasuki." The coarse texture, exquisite colors and patterns produced by the kiln's flames is a remarkable example of Bizen Ware, "the art of clay and fire."

It can be used not only for green tea but also as a cup for a variety of drinks. It is said that the rough surface in Bizen Ware removes the bitterness from coffee, resulting in a mellow taste. Patterns are created by the nature of the clay, the way it is placed into the kiln, changes in kiln temperature, and the ash and charcoal used during firing. Because they are handmade, the more you use them, the more they will become attractive.

It would be a good idea for partners to use matching cups to spend a cozy time together at home. You can enjoy sipping tea with this Bizen Ware cup for a breathing time.

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Hanazume Kutani Japanese Rice Bowl Pair

In Japan, there is a culture of sending rice bowls as a gift to married couples to celebrate their marriage. Since they are items that are used almost every day in daily life, they are practical and are often chosen as gifts for friends who are starting a new life together.

 This rice bowl has a Hanazume design, meaning filled with flowers. It is one of the most luxurious and elegant techniques used to express the lavish and captivating beauty of Kutani ware. Delicately painted beautiful flowers with gold outlines, this rice bowl beautifully decorates your dining table. It is a work of art representing authentic crafts that Japan boasts to the world.

Rice bowls fully decorated with intricate floral patterns accented with gold and thick white pigments for added dimension is like a bouquet of flowers that is everlasting throughout the seasons and will add a very festive touch to your table.

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Arita Porcelain Lab Yazaemon "Old Imari" Sakura Sake Set

How about this carafe and two cups of Arita Ware with the detailed and elegant patterns of the "Old Imari" style crafted for those who love drinking sake? Beautiful festive sakura designs are hand painted and the gold outlines accentuate the patterns and highlight the fine drawings of the flowers and other detailed designs. The cups have a slightly sloped rim that fits your lips gently.

Sake is generally drunk straight without adding water or ice. If you pour a large glass full of sake and drink it at a fast tempo, you will quickly become intoxicated. Therefore, a sake cup is suitable for enjoying sake while savoring it slowly and a little at a time.

Having a little bit of sake while enjoying the food and conversation with someone special will be a luxurious time at home.

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Plum Flower Kutani Sake Set

This set comes with two sake cups and a carafe of Kutani Ware. As for Japanese sake gift sets, this is another recommendation with hand-painted plum flowers on the warm touched stoneware. Bird and flower designs are painted with a brush for painting and colored with Japanese coloring paint called " wa-enogu," making them slightly thickened and standing out.

The smooth texture of stoneware gives a rustic beauty and warmth of touch and matches well with other stonewares at home. It would be a good idea to arrange the gift of sake cups and a carafe with a bottle of drink your friend prefers!  

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We have selected a pair of gifts that will be enjoyed for a long time. Whether it's for a partner, a family member or a friend, these thoughtful thank you gifts are the perfect way to show your gratitude. We proudly recommend our authentic traditional crafts carefully made by artisans as a token of your appreciation. If you haven’t decided what to choose for someone special, consider our pair of gifts filled with traditional craftsmanship.

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