18 October 2022

 Birthday Gifts Under $100 for Him

Celebrating a birthday is a way to rejoice life.
It's an anniversary that only comes once a year and is a perfect occasion to show your love, appreciation, respect and admiration towards people who have a special place in your heart.

From sake connoisseurs to art lovers, we've chosen some wonderful for-him gifts from our shelves for under US$100 to make the birthday of that special someone memorable and joyful. 


  • Bizan Kiln Yoshidaya Sakura and Bird Kutani Sake Set
  • Silver Dragon Mino Ware Ramen Bowl M
  • Fukuhou Kiln Tokusa Hasami Large Yunomi Japanese Tea Cup
  • Issou Sumo Wrestler Wakasa Lacquer Extra Large Chopsticks 24cm/9.4in
  •  Ginsai Camellia Kutani Japanese Flower Vase

Bizan Kiln Yoshidaya Sakura and Bird Kutani Sake Set

One of our popular sake items that is great as a gift.
This Kutani ware sake set is colored in a bright warm yellow base with beautifully painted sakura blossoms with a bird resting on the branch. 
The cherry blossoms on the carafe and cups are colored in the lightest shade of pink and have a three-dimensional look that make you want to touch the flowers. 
The detailed artwork is breathtaking and would definitely make drinking sake a memorable moment. 

Perfect for the sake lover who has a deep appreciation for detailed craftsmanship.

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Silver Dragon Mino Ware Ramen Bowl M

A ramen bowl with character.
This black ramen bowl is great for eating "tonkotsu(pork bone soup)" ramen. The milky white color of the "tonkotsu" soup goes well with the shiny black surface of  the bowl
The side of the bowl is designed with a fierce dragon and the bottom with square spiral patterns representing lightning, a symbol of the wonders of nature.

Of course, you can use it for any kind of noodles like udon or soba. Use it for ramen with other flavors like soy sauce or salt. The receiver of this gift will enjoy the rich and creamy flavors of ramen in authentic style with this Silver Dragon Mino Ware Ramen Bowl. 

Perfect for the foodie who loves eating ramen, even at home!

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Fukuhou Kiln Tokusa Hasami Large Yunomi Japanese Tea Cup

Japanese tea cups tend to be rather small in size, but this Tokusa Hasami Ware Large Yunomi Tea Cup is made to hold about one and a half cup of tea. 

"Tokusa" is a pattern of vertical stripes and is a popular traditional pattern in Japan. The patterns are carefully hand-painted by skilled craftsmen with a brush specially designed to create the even thin lines . "Tokusa" is the Japanese name for equisetum, also known as "horse tail" which has vertical, straight slim stems. This pattern with the long straight lines expresses good wishes of longevity and prosperity. 

This tea cup is a great fit for big hands. Although big in size, it is light to hold and the opening of the cup is slightly slender as to hold easily with two fingers. 

Perfect for the tea lover who always wishes his cup were a bit more bigger.

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Issou Sumo Wrestler Wakasa Lacquer Extra Large Chopsticks 24cm/9.4in

How about sending a set of personal-use chopsticks as a birthday gift? 
These Wakasa Lacquer Extra Large Chopsticks are excellent  for big hands and you don't have to be a sumo wrestler to use them.  

These chopsticks are made for large hands and wonderfully crafted. The chopsticks are made of natural wood and coated with Wakasa lacquer that gives the chopsticks a lustrous natural shine. 

The chopsticks are cut in an octagonal shape making them very easy to hold and easy to eat with.
Send that special someone these Wakasa Ware Lacquer chopsticks and make eating Japanese food at home a more enjoyable (and sustainable) experience.

Perfect for the home-diner who loves eating Japanese cuisine in style at home. 

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Ginsai Camellia Kutani Japanese Flower Vase

Although small in size, this vase has a very strong presence with its divine shades of green and exquisite shine characteristic of Kutani ware. 

This stunning vase features a camellia motif beautifully expressed using Ginsai, the Kutani ware technique where a five-color glaze is applied over silver foil.

A single flower in this vase would add graceful elegance to any room. And even without flowers, the soothing and refreshing green hues of the vase make it an attractive home decor item and great as a gift. 

Perfect for the art lover who is always looking for a new piece to add his collection.

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Sending a memorable gift is a thoughtful and generous gesture that is surely to make a birthday more cheerful and fun. Show a male friend or family member or a special someone you care, by sending a beautiful and handmade authentic Japanese gift and mark his birthday as a day always to be remembered. 

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