1 April 2024

Thanks, Mom: Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

There are so many kinds of mothers to celebrate on Mother's Day. Whether they're known as Mom, by their first name, or by another special title, their nurturing presence plays an incredibly significant role in our lives. Over 40 countries around the world observe Mother's Day, and even though it doesn't fall on the same date, it's widely recognized as a global holiday. On this special day, we present carefully chosen flowers and gifts to show our gratitude and love, turning Mother's Day into an event overflowing with warmth and heartfelt emotions.

At MUSUBI KILN, we curate authentic items that carry profound meanings, perfectly suited as gifts for Mother's Day. When mothers unwrap these presents, they will surely feel the fullness of your love.


  • Kakinuma Ningyo Striped Wish Upon a Star Edo Kimekomi Doll Lucky Cat - Pink
  • Toyoda Woodcraft Kanuma Kumiko Coaster Set With Stand
  • Sekiryu Cherry Blossom Green Ash Glaze Tokoname Chakoro Tea Incense Burner
  • Ginsai Crane Kutani Japanese Flower Vase
  • Hatsukaze Suruga Bamboo Basketry Wind Bell

Kakinuma Ningyo Striped Wish Upon a Star Edo Kimekomi Doll Lucky Cat - Pink

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Our first choice is an intricately crafted lucky cat doll by Kakinuma Ningyo, with clear eyes and hands clasped as if making a wish under the night sky. This doll is handmade using the kimekomi technique, a tradition originating from 18th-century Kyoto. This method involves delicately tucking fabric into carved grooves, and showcases the details of expert craftsmanship. With their solid base, these dolls ensure a stable presence.

This lucky cat, known as maneki neko in Japan, boasts an adorable appearance with its body adorned in soft pink and pale yellow hues, creating a magically charming effect. Symbolizing the bringing of good fortune and happiness, this maneki neko makes a very suitable gift for Mother's Day.

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Toyoda Woodcraft Kanuma Kumiko Coaster Set With Stand

This set of five coasters featuring classic Kumiko patterns, neatly stored in a grooved stand, serves as both a practical item and decorative piece. Made from solid cypress wood, these coasters by Toyoda Woodcraft—established in 1947—are left unpainted to highlight the wood's natural warmth. They blend delicate artistry with traditional designs, catching the eye and enhancing daily life with a touch of aesthetic sensibility.

In their moments of leisure, many mothers enjoy a serene and relaxing tea time. This exquisite coaster set stands out for its versatility, complementing various styles of tea drinking occasions and serving as a charming ornamental piece in any room.

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Sekiryu Cherry Blossom Green Ash Glaze Tokoname Chakoro Tea Incense Burner

Experience the rich aroma of roasted Japanese tea leaves with the Tokoname Ware Chakoro Tea Incense Burner, a novel incense burner designed for tea leaves and twigs. This rustic set, decorated with openwork designs of cherry blossoms, includes a burner base, plate, candle holder, and a wooden trivet. It fosters a peaceful and refined atmosphere with the shadows of carved petals when lit, offering a relaxing tea fragrance experience. It makes for a thoughtful gift to help moms unwind and find tranquility. 

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Ginsai Crane Kutani Japanese Flower Vase

This stunning Japanese flower vase, adorned with two cranes using gold leaf, presents gradient colors of blue through ginsai, a Kutani ware technique applying a transparent or five-color glaze over silver leaf.

Cranes symbolize longevity and prosperity, making this vase a welcomed addition to any room, whether filled with flowers or displayed as a decorative item. If your mother loves flowers, this would make a wonderful gift.

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Hatsukaze Suruga Bamboo Basketry Wind Bell

This wind bell combines the artistry of Suruga Bamboo Basketry with Nambu Ironware, a traditional craft from Iwate Prefecture. Designed for table placement, this bell is perfect for breezeways or spaces where the air stirs. Suruga Bamboo Basketry, recognized as a national traditional craft in 1976, holds a 400-year-old heritage. It is known for its intricate assembly and delicate curves, providing a decorative allure.

Its simple and rustic appearance makes this wind bell well-suited for indoor decoration, and releases a soothing tone when caressed by a breeze.

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On Mother's Day, giving your mom a carefully chosen gift to convey your gratitude and love will surely make her very happy. Why not take this opportunity to surprise your mom or that special mother figure in your life with a thoughtful present?

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