4 March 2023

Japanese Chopstick Rest Sets: Sending a Dainty Gift of Japanese Charm   

Chopstick rests may seem unassuming items on the table, but they can brighten up a table design and add a touch of grace to a Japanese meal. 

In recent years, beautiful chopstick rests boasting stunning designs drawn upon seasonal motifs and traditional Japanese motifs have become increasingly popular. And like many other traditional tableware items, artfully crafted chopstick rests make perfect presents.

Thinking of the perfect gift for your next special occasion? Have a browse of our chopstick rest sets, all handsomely packaged in attractive boxes and ready to be given to that special someone.


  • Flower Butterfly Kyo Ware Chopstick Rest Set (5 pieces)
  • Hirota Black Gold Leaf Edo Glass Chopstick Rest Set (2 pieces)
  • Kinsai Kutani Chopstick Rest Set (5 pieces) 
  • Hakuichi Gold Crane Kanazawa Gold Leaf Chopstick Rest Set (2 pieces)
  • Harekutani Cat Chopstick Rest Set (5 pieces) 
  • Small Pieces of Japanese Craftsmanship

Flower Butterfly Kyo Ware Chopstick Rest Set

A Japanese meal can be graced by the presence of these Kyo ware chopstick rests. These hand painted butterfly-shaped chopstick rests feature delicate soft hues with gold painted rims. Each chopstick rest is decorated in a differing color down the middle giving extra color to the butterflies. They will bring the finishing touch to any mealtime setting.

Ceramic chopstick rests are a staple for frequent use with their easy-to-clean surfaces. A set of five makes for an ideal present that can be useful for daily meals and celebratory events. Whether it's informal family dinners or special occasions, these charming chopstick rests can be employed to elevate any dining atmosphere.

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Hirota Black Gold Leaf Edo Glass Chopstick Rest Set

This set of chopstick rests is perfect as a gift to a friend who appreciates contemporary colors and patterns. Featuring sleek, modern designs, these well-crafted chopstick rests will add an stylish flair to a dinner table.

These glass chopstick rests from Hirota Glass have a modern flair with a black undercoat decorating the glass base. And arranged within the glass is an exquisite collage of shimmering gold leaves. The concave center provides an ideal place for the tips of chopsticks.  

These chopstick rests offer sophistication to any occasion, be it a joyous event or an intimate dinner. Perfectly fashioned with detail and set in a stylish paulownia wooden box, they are perfect as a gift that complements fashionable tableware.

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Kinsai Kutani Chopstick Rest Set

These Kutani ware chopstick rests are the perfect gift for anyone who has an adimiration for authentic Japanese craftsmanship. 

Adorned with one of the signature decorative techniques of Kutani ware "Kinsai," these chopstick rests are lavishly embellished with gold leaves. The gold leaf patterns have their own singular charm, exhibiting an entrancing beauty. The unique visual expression of gold highlights each piece to create a stunning effect on the table. 

Gold goes exceptionally well with lacquerware making these chopstick rests suited for celebratory occasions. A special gift for a special occasion. 

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Hakuichi Gold Crane Kanazawa Gold Leaf Chopstick Rest Set

For a special token of good fortune, these gold crane chopstick rests make for an ideal gift.

The craftsmanship of Hakuichi, a renowned gold leaf manufacturer based in Ishikawa Prefecture, is showcased in these unique chopstick rests. In Japan, the crane is an iconic bird representing longevity and auspiciousness, lending this product a deep cultural significance. Crafted by skilled artisans, the chopstick rests are made with a Mino-ware base and finished with delicate layers of gold leaves.

These chopstick rests are not only practical, but can also offer a decorative touch to any dining table or shelf. For newly married couples and for couples celebrating an anniversary, golden cranes chopstick rests from Hakuichi will be sure to delight each time they are used.

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Harekutani Cat Chopstick Rest Set 

Put a smile on a cat-loving friend's face with these Harekutani Cat Chopstick Rest Set. 

These adorable Kutani ware chopstick rests are made by Harekutani, a Kutani ware kiln that uniquely combines Kutani ware tradition with contemporary designs and motifs. Five cats are illustrated on a fish-shape base and colored with the five signature hues of Kutani ware called "Gosai." The five hues of red, yellow, green, blue, and purple give character to each cat and elevate the color scheme on the table. 

The artistically designed chopstick rests coordinate well with a casual tabletop decor. These chopstick rests can also be used for small forks or spoons, and can also be used as decorations for a cat-theme party.

A set of versatile chopstick rests that come in a lovely box labeled with the Harekutani brand emblem will surely please a true cat lover. 

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Small Pieces of Japanese Craftsmanship 

Stylish and functional, we offer a wide selection of chopstick rests sets that are perfect additions to any dinner table and are wonderful gift choices.  

Send a set of exquisite chopstick rests to someone who has had a fondness for Japanese tableware for many years to complete his or her collection. Chopstick rests can also be an ideal first item for anyone just beginning their journey into the world of Japanese tableware. Beautiful chopstick rest sets embody the charm of authentic craftsmanship and are ideal gifts for all fans of Japanese tableware. 

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