28 September  2022

 Gifts for Cat Lovers

One of the most popular patterns in Musubi Kiln is the cat. In the article "What Is the Meaning of Animals Painted on Japanese Tableware?" we talked about the history of cats in Japan, and this time let's look at a collection of cute cat tableware that would make great gifts.

There are many different types of "cat" tableware, from realistic paintings to cute ones and those designed to look like characters. Please try to find an adorable cat tableware that you would like to give to someone you care about.


  • Atelier Yu Cats In Sunny Spot Kutani Mug
  • Sleeping Tabby Cat Hasami Chopstick Rest
  • Neco Hasami Cat Plate Set
  • Kutani Lucky Cat - Oinori Neko Purple Sakura
  • Kokuzou Kiln Flower Party Kutani Lucky Cat - Red 
  • Cat Hasami Japanese Rice Bowl S
  •  Cat Hasami Wave Mug

Atelier Yu Cats In Sunny Spot Kutani Mug

This mug has been a long seller since Musubi Kiln's establishment. Is it a flower garden with dancing butterflies? The back view of two cats standing there gives a beautiful impression. The pottery made on the potter's wheel has warmth and the slightly uneven rim conveys the handmade quality. The warm white and gray shades also bring a sense of calmness that is perfect for a relaxing tea time. White cats are said to be "lucky to meet" because there are relatively few of them.

Also, since white is a very conspicuous color, white cats in the wild are very easily targeted by enemies, and white cats tend to be very cautious and nervous in order to protect themselves. On the other hand, brown cats are said to be larger, sweeter, and more friendly than other cat breeds. When you think of these two cats with different personalities cuddling together, don't you feel even more affectionate toward them as they spend their relaxing time together?

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Sleeping Tabby Cat Hasami Chopstick Rest

Just looking at this cute sleeping cat chopstick rest will soothe you. Among the "tabby" cats, the white and gray patterned cat is also known as the Silver Mackerel Tabby, a name that comes from the fact that its pattern resembles that of a mackerel. It was after World War II that the Silver Mackerel Tabby became common in Japan. After the war, the number of Silver Mackerel Tabby gradually increased as they were interbred with Western cats brought in from overseas.

The gesture of an animal lying down with its feet off the ground often indicates that it is at ease or relaxed. This chopstick rest also seems to convey such a cat's state and makes us smile. Just having this chopstick rest on the table makes you happy.

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Neco Hasami Cat Plate Set

The four round cats have different patterns, but they all have the same expression of satisfaction. And one plate depicts a fish that has been reduced to just a bone. The humorous painting makes us wonder if these cats got along well with each other and ate the fish.

The small size is perfect for serving small amounts of food, such as appetizers and desserts. The four cat dishes have ears that seem to stick out, which is quite appealing. Only the plate with the fish picture is a little larger, and it fits better if you put it at the bottom when you put it in the shelf. This set of plates is easy to use and makes everyday life brighter. 
A bowl set of the same design is also available.

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Choho Kiln Purple Sakura Oinori Neko Kutani Lucky Cat

This is a Kutani Ware lucky cat in an adorable pose. It looks as if it is asking for something, maybe praying for the owner's happiness. In fact, it is said that cats sometimes adopt this pose, often to attract their owners' attention or to play with them. Just by keeping it by your side, this item is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Purple is considered a noble color and the color of honor luck. Purple lucky cats are said to bring longevity, success, etc. The compact size of the bowl makes it an ideal gift for any place.

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Kokuzou Kiln Flower Party Kutani Lucky Cat - Red 

This adorable, hand-sized lucky cat beckons with a forepaw to bring fortune into your house! It is a sophisticated home decoration with the beautiful color painting of Kutani Ware and the stylish design unique to Kokuzou Kiln. With its gentle eyes and smile, the lucky cat makes you happy every time you see it in your daily life.

The lucky cat is said to grant different wishes depending on which forepaw is raised. Raising the left forepaw is said to invite people, while raising the right forepaw is to usher in money and good fortune.

Often displayed in offices, shops and homes to pray for good fortune and luck, the basic idea of the lucky cat is welcoming and greeting people. We have many other lucky cats in different designs. Please have a moment to look and find your favorite one! 

Cat Hasami Japanese Rice Bowl S

 Cat Hasami Wave Mug

These Hasami ware cat rice bowl and mug are recommended as gifts for children. The rim is shaped along the cat's ears, making it look as if it is popping out, a humorous and fun design that is sure to please them. Made of thin, light, and durable porcelain, it is easy to handle and, of course, dishwasher-safe.

Our staff members who have children use this tableware at home. With the beauty of the smooth white porcelain and the lovely hand-painted patterns, this series is filled with the joy of holding authentic tableware in one's hands from a young age. We highly recommend giving them as a set!

To see more about Tableware for Children, please visit our blog here.

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The tableware shown here are all full of character and will be sure to please not only cat lovers, but also character lovers and those who like cute things. Many tableware become more and more attached to you as you use them, but those with cute designs are even better. We hope you will choose tableware with cats as a gift for your loved ones that they will want to keep by their side for a long time.

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