11 January 2023

 Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Expecting Parents 

Shopping for a baby shower gift? You definitely want to bring the perfect gift for the baby shower. However, it cannot be easy to think of something both practical and unique that will express your love for the new baby and his or her parents. To save your time from scrolling through an endless pit of the gift search, we tapped our editors, who have already experienced child-rearing, to find the best gifts for showering parents-to-be that are as adorable as they are meaningful. 


  • Safe and healthy Lacquerwares perfect for babies!!
  • Durable and Adorable Wares as a First Plate for Babies
  • For a Friend Expecting to be a Mom
  • Wrapping Idea for the Baby Shower Gift

The gift of tableware is a very appreciated product that can be utilized from the time of baby food and can be used for a long time. You should look for tablewares that are durable enough to withstand any tosses to the floor and are easy to use for children. When the baby grows up, the mother can still enjoy using the dishes, reminiscing about the precious time she spent with the baby. 

Safe and healthy Lacquerwares perfect for babies!!

Yamanaka Lacquerware Animal Design Series

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We all love items for the home that are not just practical but beautiful too. This Yamanaka lacquerware tableware fulfills both elements. A safe and cute wooden plate with pictures of cute animals that children love on beautiful lacquerware. Wood is an excellent insulator, so whether you put hot or cold food in it, the temperature of the tableware will keep comfortable warmth for human hands. They are also durable and are lighter than ceramic vessels, making them easy to use for babies. Tableware made of natural materials are very safe for babies to use. 

These bowls come in four different designs of a bunny blowing bubbles, a friendly elephant, a smiling lion and a happy cat. All the drawings on the plates are hand drawn with care, giving a simple yet warm expression to all the animal designs. It can be used for a long time after the child grows up to put chocolates, candies, and other sweets.

We have divided plates, plates, soup bowls, spoons and forks of the same design that are available in our store. Give the gift of genuine traditional craftsmanship with tableware made by Japanese artisans to your friend!

Durable and Adorable Wares as a First Plate for Babies

Hasami Wave Children's Divided Plate

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It’s an exciting time when a baby starts eating. This Hasami Ware divided plate is decorated with cute animal designs that are popular with children, making mealtime more enjoyable. Some children may have many likes and dislikes. So, we would like moms out there to arrange the dining table with cute tableware and have children eat nutritious and well-balanced meals.

Each plate features three sections with raised edges to hold food to avoid mess. For babies who have just started weaning, it is a good idea to use a divided plate to help them visually recognize the different foods on the plate. Also, it comes in handy as it allows you to serve the entire meal on one plate and clean up easily. It can also be used in microwave ovens and dishwashers, making it convenient for busy mothers raising children.

Cups and rice bowls are also available in the same design. Your friend will definitely be appreciated when presented as a gift set together with the plate.

Hasami Ware Wave Series

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We also recommend Hasami Ware small cups, hoping that a newborn baby will use authentic tableware and feel the texture of them from their younger age. The cup is sized for small hands and even without a handle, is easy to hold. The edges are smoothly rounded making the touch of the cup to the mouth comfortable and safe.

Oshin Kiln Pink Rabbit/ Blue Bear Series 

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Many people are concerned that ceramic ware will inevitably break...so you should carefully check the durability and other factors when choosing ceramic ware as a gift. Hasami Ware is widely known among Japanese tableware as light, durable, and easy to use, and is often used in restaurants and homes. In addition, even if they break, it can be repaired using methods such as kintsugi (metal joints), so it can be used carefully for a long time. When purchasing a children's plate, be sure to choose one that is easy to wash. These products can be used in microwave ovens and dishwashers.

In addition to the cup, divide plates and rice bowls in the same design are also available, which would be a delightful gift if given as a set.

For a Friend Expecting to be a Mom

According to our editors who have experienced childbirth, gifts for the newborn baby are always delightful, but gifts for moms are also very much appreciated. For moms, the most popular gifts are those with stylish designs that will lift the spirits of mothers who are working hard every day to take care of the baby and the housework.

Known for its gentle and warm stoneware, beautiful colors, and elegant design, Kokuzou Kiln mugs are a great gift for moms. A gift for moms that allows them to take a breather while their baby naps would be greatly appreciated.

Plus, if you arrange this mug with your friend's favorite sweets or things in it and give it as a gift, it will look fun, cute, and double the joy!!

Kokuzou Kiln Sakura Kutani Mug

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Wrapping Idea for the Baby Shower Gift

As any moms know, anything you receive for her baby shower is appreciated. But sometimes it can be even more special when you put some thought into the gift wrapping. Creative baby shower gift wrapping ideas can really make your present stand out - and will be the talk of the party!

A Furoshiki Wrapping Idea

The look of joy on your friend's face when they are handed a gift is one of the most rewarding moments. If you want to surprise your friends the moment they receive their gifts, you can make gift wrapping a little more creative.

There are many more ways to enjoy furoshiki than just wrapping gifts. Furoshiki can also be used when changing a baby's diaper or taking a break at the park, making it a very useful item during child-rearing. If you tie it up a little, it can even be used as a bag!

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A Mizuhiki Wrapping Idea

Tsuda Mizuhiki "knot" Pine Needles and Plum Kaga Mizuhiki Decorative Rubber Band

Arranging a baby shower gift wrapping with mizuhiki is also another idea to make your gift unique. Mizuhiki is a profound and elegant means of communication that conveys feelings through wrapping rather than words. It is a type of paper used to tie the wrapping paper when presenting a gift. Mizuhiki not only serves to hold the package in place, but also to express the heart of the giver by tying a knot.

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A gift that will bring cheer to a baby shower is sure to be appreciated. While baby items can be adorable, finding gifts that match the parents' style and tastes is also fun. Practical, cute, and thoughtful gifts are the ideal trifecta. You may prepare a unique gift set by arranging a few items for the baby. Use our ideas for a reference to create your own special baby shower gift!!!