15 July 2022

Great as a Gift! Lucky Cats with Kimekomi Doll Craftsmanship

Looking for a unique gift with a taste of Japanese culture? The Kimekomi Doll Lucky cat made by Kakinuma Ningyo is surely an item to be included on your checklist. These dolls are a one-of-a-kind item combining the traditional Japanese craftsmanship of lucky cats and “kimekomi” which is a traditional Japanese craft of decorative dolls made out of wood. They have a soft and warm look with their kimono dressings and their cute beady eyes with their soft smile will make you want to smile right back.


  • Lucky Cat Charm
  • Authentic Craftsmanship 
  • The Furisode Edo Kimekomi Doll Lucky Cat
  • The Hello Kitty Kimekomi Doll Lucky Cat
  • The Ninja Kimekomi Doll Lucky Cat
  • The Kakinuma Ningyo Kinran Edo Kimekomi Doll Lucky Cat

Lucky Cat Charm

Lucky cats are often seen sitting cozily next to cash registers or entrances at stores or restaurants as they are known for their power to beckon good fortune and prosperity. More specifically, a lucky cat with its right paw raised beckons prosperity and one with its left paw raised beckons more people to come its way.

Originally, lucky cats were made of porcelain as they were put outside of stores and restaurants. As lucky cats became more well-known and more popular with their cute facial expressions and paw-beckoning, they were placed inside and used as decorative items not only in shops and restaurants, but also in homes. Now you can see adorable porcelain lucky cats in a variety of sizes and expressions. However, only in these Kakinuma Ningyo Edo Kimekomi Doll Lucky Cats can one enjoy the traditional art of “kimekomi” through its detailed craftsmanship and beautiful designs. 

You can check out more about lucky cats from our lucky cats collection.

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Authentic Craftsmanship 

The “kimekomi” craftsmanship was generally known to be used for Hina dolls and other traditional Japanese festive dolls. Fine pieces of fabric are carefully tucked into the crevices of the carved dolls. Looking for a way to promote this craft, Kakinuma Ningyo applied this technique to lucky cats.

The fabric used for these lucky cats is high-quality “chirimen” which is Japanese style crepe textile. The fabric has a soft and distinctive texture and is designed with symbolic Japanese flowers and trees such as chrysanthemums, cherry blossoms, pine trees and maple trees.

Lucky cats made from Kakinuma Ningyo are highly regarded for combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative new ideas. These dolls were certified as a “traditional craft” that represents Japan by the The Wonder 500™ project led by the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry. Furthermore, last year in line with the events that took place following the Olympic games, lucky cats dressed in Olympic motif costumes were sold to promote tradition and culture within Tokyo.

Kakinuma Ningyo Furisode Edo Kimekomi Doll Lucky Cat

This lucky cat is dressed in the traditional Japanese long-sleeve “furisode” kimono which is worn by young women. On the left ear is a small hair ornament made from the same chirimen fabric.

The kimono and the “obi” (the sash of kimono) are made with great attention to detail. On the backside, you can see the carefully knotted side of the “obi.” They all have dainty little smiles and cute button eyes with a touch of class matching the beautiful kimono design.

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Hello Kitty Kimekomi Doll Lucky Cat

A collaboration of the maybe the most famous cat in Japan with the Kimekomi Doll Lucky Cat!

True to its original form, the material used is a brighter white and the facial expression maintains Hello Kitty’s famous cute black small eyes, yellow nose and 3 short whiskers. Hello Kitty all dressed up in a beautiful kimono with a matching ribbon on its ear. This is a wonderful gift for young girls and Hello Kitty collectors and will brighten up any room or space. 

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Kakinuma Ningyo Ninja Kimekomi Doll Lucky Cat 

If you are a ninja fan, this is the one to choose. This lucky cat wearing a ninja suit comes with a “katana” (a Japanese sword) and a golden bell around its neck. From a distance the ninja suit may appear to be just plain black fabric, but up close you can see that the fabric is actually woven with a delicate design and texture.

The details put into this cute little ninja are amazing with the long sword, mask-covered face and even its tail hidden in the black ninja suit. With its mysterious yet soothing eyes, this ninja will make you want to take one step closer to get a better look. 

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Kakinuma Ningyo Kinran Edo Kimekomi Doll Lucky Cat

 A cat in a catsuit: but this is no ordinary catsuit. This catsuit is made out of “kinran” which is a type of fabric partly woven using golden thread to add dazzling designs to Japanese style fabric. The sparkling thread gives the fabric a bit of a glamorous look.Strangely, this cat changes its expressions depending upon where you put it. If you put the lucky cat on a lower side table, the cat will seem to have a no-joking-around straight face, ready to do its job. If you put it on a higher shelf, it will have a slightly softer and comforting gaze. Place it where you feel is most fit for your needs and be comforted by its quiet yet heartening presence.

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Cats with style

If you are looking for a gift, something different with a modern take on Japanese craftsmanship, take a look at these stylish kitty cats. Put them on a side table in the hallway or on the mantle, or next to your night lamp in your bedroom. You can enjoy true craftsmanship that will add a touch of Japanese culture to your home.  

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