7 March 2023

6 Wonderful Hand-wrapped Small Gift Packages

Gift giving is made easy with these wonderful small gift package ideas. By choosing something small yet meaningful, you can bring joy to someone special while deepening your connection with that person. And by hand-wrapping your gift, you are able to add a personal touch. These gift sets are also wonderful for those gift-giving occasions when you may want to give something with graceful subtleness without drawing undue attention. 

Here are some small gift packages brimming with the finest items from our store that are beautifully hand-wrapped. They are certain to amaze and delight friends, colleagues, and family members for those special moments that call for a dainty small gift.  


  • A Mugful of Joy
  • Put on a Smile with Sakura Blossoms
  • Take Along with a Bento Box
  • Thoughtful Thank-you Gifts for a Baby Shower
  • Uniquely Darling Dolls
  • Celebrating Canines
  • Conclusion

 A Mugful of Joy

A great hand-sized gift package for a colleague that always helps you out at the office or a friendly neighbor who you enjoy your daily chat with. 

Pack our Cats In Sunny Spot Kutani Mug with some colorful teabags and candy or cookies. If your friend enjoys chai, maybe set a stick of cinnamon or some decorative sugar sticks inside the mug.

Place the goodies inside the mug. We placed some filling on the bottom of  the mug to give height to the teabag and sweets. 
Prepare a transparent plastic wrapping bag that is about twice the length of the mug's height. Place the mug inside the bag and tie a ribbon to close. 

Atelier Yu Cats In Sunny Spot Kutani Mug

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Put on a Smile with Sakura Blossoms 

If you are looking for a small gift for someone who loves Japanese green tea or someone who has always wanted to try a cup of Japanese tea at home, this set will truly be appreciated. 

This package includes the elegant Heian Sakura (cherry blossoms) Mino Ware Japanese Teacup, a coaster and tea spoon crafted from cherry bark. A wonderfully packaged set that will make drinking Japanese tea a pleasurable and relaxing experience.

To add to the sakura motif, we wrapped the box in the Pink And Green Sakura Chirimen Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth. The receiver will enjoy the wrapping and the inside of this exquisite package. 
Perfect for the soon-to-come sakura season! 

Heian Sakura Mino Ware Japanese Teacup

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Yatsuyanagi Checked Pattern Akita Cherry Bark Work Round Coaster

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Yatsuyanagi Sakura Akita Cherry Bark Work Chasaji Teaspoon

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Take Along with a Bento Box

Are you looking for a gift to send to someone who enjoys an occasional Japanese-style bento box lunch? Or someone who is about to start school or a new job in April like in Japan and needs to take a bento box lunch? This chopstick set is the perfect accompaniment for bento box lunches. 

We folded a small Furoshiki wrapping cloth in an auspicious plum pattern with a set of Yamanaka lacquerware chopsticks. And we used a Kaga Mizuhiki Decorative Rubber Band to tie the two items together. The furoshiki can be used to wrap the bento box and the artful band to secure the lid of the bento box. 

Place the set on colorful paper and wrap with transparent plastic wrap.

Issou Aurora Wakasa Lacquer Chopsticks 21cm/8.3in or 23cm/9in

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Tsuda Mizuhiki "knot" Plum Kaga Mizuhiki Decorative Rubber Band

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Branch of Plum Blossoms Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth 18.9in

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Thoughtful Thank-you Gifts for a Baby Shower

If you are planning a baby shower or a get-together for a gender-reveal-party, these cute packages will surely make a lasting impression on your guests. Each set includes a beautifully crafted Kaga Mizuhiki Coaster and a cutlery rest from Hutlery. 

We made two sets, one with baby blue paper-lining and the other in pastel pink. These 2 items are neatly wrapped in a hand-size package making it easy for your guests to take home. 

Surprise your guests when they leave the party with these adorable gifts or pass them out during the party to announce if your new addition to the family will be a boy or girl. Elevate the joyous atmosphere with these handsome gifts. 

Tsubame Hutlery Gold Ginkgo Leaf Chopstick Rest

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Tsubame Hutlery Silver Maple Leaf Chopstick Rest

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Tsuda Mizuhiki "knot" Awaji Knot Kaga Mizuhiki Coaster

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Uniquely Darling Dolls

Amaze someone who loves handcrafted items with this adorable little friend. 
Naruko Kokeshi Dolls are wooden dolls made in Iwate Prefecture located in the Tohoku (northeastern) region of Japan. They are painted with adorable facial designs with tied-up bangs and make a cute squeaking sound when their heads are slightly turned.   

These adorable kokeshi dolls were initially made as toys, and later were sold as souvenirs to travelers who visited hot springs to soothe their weary bodies starting almost 150 years ago. Soon after, they were cherished as lucky charms. 

This kokeshi doll comes in a cute pink box, so we just neatly tied it with a Kaga Mizuhiki Decorative Rubber Band. This pocket-sized kokeshi doll is sure to make for a wonderful gift to carry around as a good luck charm!

Yasuo Okazaki Naruko Kokeshi Doll S (12cm/4.7in)

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Tsuda Mizuhiki "knot" Pine Needles and Plum Kaga Mizuhiki Decorative Rubber Band

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Celebrating Canines

For those who love their pups, these Mino ware chopstick rests in the popular Shiba Inu design are a must-have! Not only do they bring a welcoming style to the dining table, they also create a cozy atmosphere for mealtime. Their presence will surely bring smiles every time you see them in the corner of a dining area.

Nicely nest the Shiba Inu chopstick rests in a small box on crinkled paper sheds like they are resting on a soft cushion. Set in a small box, you can casually give this gift to your dog-walking buddy during a walk or a friend at the dog park. Dog-lovers will enjoy these wonderful doggy chopstick rests on a daily basis!

Ihoshiro Kiln Animal Series Mino Ware Chopstick Rest

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A small gift may be small in size, but can carry a lot of thought and love. Special occasions can be made into memorable events with hand-wrapped gift packages. And even if there isn't any special event, just letting someone know you are thinking of them is an occasion enough to send a small token of your affection and put a smile on someone's face.
Make a friend, colleague, neighbor or a family member feel good with a small gift set you have taken the time to lovingly wrap.

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