1 April 2022

How to make a beautiful "Bento Box" lunch

Japanese bento boxes have recently been gathering attention around the world. There are many types of bento. For example, there are high-end bento prepared by luxury hotels and restaurants, healthy bento with well-balanced nutrition, diet bento with low calorie content, and homemade bento prepared at home. Japanese bento boxes, made with careful attention to presentation and flavor/nutrition balance, have taken root in people's lives and play a major role in Japan's food culture.

In this issue, we will introduce tips on how to beautifully pack food according to the shape of the bento box.

  • Simple Bento Box
  • Two-tiered Bento Box
  • Unique shaped Bento Box
  • Shokado Bento Box
  • Find your favorite Bento Box

Simple Bento Box

First, start with the rice. The key is to serve the rice at a gentle slope. This makes it easier to put the side dishes in the bento box later without using dividers. 

Put the side dishes in the large size first, which makes it easier to keep the overall balance. The next is the medium-sized side dish, followed by the smaller side dishes to fill in the gaps. Also, standing side dishes up or making the height of the side dishes different, creates a three-dimensional effect and gives the bento a sense of rhythm.

Finally, if your bento lacks color, you can add color by adding a dark-colored topping to the rice, such as dried plums or Yukari (Japanese Shiso Seasoning).

Two-tired Bento Box

In the case of a two-tiered bento, it is divided into two sections: the upper section (side dishes) and the lower section (rice). The order of putting the side dishes is the same as for a simple one-tiered bento, with the largest items placed first.

Fill the other tier with rice to finish.

The lunchboxes used are from Odate Kougeisha, a company that manufactures traditional Magewappa(Bent-wood craft). It has a nice fusion of traditional and modern design and is characterized by its high quality. In magewappa, Odate is the most popular manufacturer in Japan.

Unique shaped Bento Box

For a specially shaped lunch box with many small compartments, it would be nice to take advantage of the shape. This time, we used one from Odate Kougeisha. It is divided into four small compartments that resemble the shape of flower petals. They can be stacked vertically when carried.

Each compartment is divided into four sections: fried dishes, sauced dishes, salad, and fruit. This way, we can prevent the flavors from being transferred during the shaking of carrying.

You can also bring your own rice balls separately.

Shokado Bento Box

For a more special atmosphere, the Shokado bento is the perfect choice. Shokado bento is a box with a crisscross divider inside that allows for the arrangement of sashimi, simmered dishes, grilled dishes, etc. in a pleasing manner. The key is to arrange the dishes in a spacious and decorative manner. By placing small plates and small bowls in the dividers, you can enhance the different looks and tastes of each, giving them a more luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere. 

Find your favorite Bento Box

Bento boxes make lunch time on sunny days or with loved ones more enjoyable. We hope you will find your favorite one!