Nishimoto, deeply rooted in the tradition of Yamanaka lacquerware, specializes in the manufacture and sale of lacquerware, tea ceremony utensils, and related accessories. Holding a significant market share in tea ceremony items, particularly matcha bowls, their commitment is focused on making the enjoyment of matcha's taste and ambiance easily accessible, a sentiment that is infused into each of their creations.

Tea Utensils from Nishimoto

Nishimoto has earned immense acclaim in the realm of tea ceremony utensils. The company is dedicated to sharing the quintessence of Japanese culture, as embodied in the tea ceremony, with a broad audience. Each item is a testament to the artisans' desire to make the enjoyment of matcha and the tranquil ambiance of Japanese aesthetics accessible to everyone. Their artisans invest great care in each item, often taking 3 to 5 years for top-grade products.

Their lacquered tea utensils are ideal for casual matcha moments and offer a soothing interlude in daily life, suitable for both special occasions and regular use. 

Ippuku Series 

The Ippuku series is an exquisite collection designed for the easy enjoyment of matcha's taste and ambiance. This matcha tea set, embodying the concept of "ippuku" which translates to enjoying a cup of tea, includes a tea bowl, a natsume "matcha container," a small plate with foot, a tea scoop, a matcha whisk, a matcha whisk holder, a coaster, and a furoshiki (wrapping cloth). Each item in the set is meticulously crafted.

Ideal for hosting guests at home or for a solitary, calming tea session, this set also complements outdoor activities like camping and picnics, allowing for a stylish and personalized matcha experience.

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Bamboo Series 

Rinpa Series