The brand "Harekutani" was born in 2017 in Nomi City, Ishikawa Prefecture, the cultural center of Kutani ware. The company that created this brand is a traditional Kutani ware company that was established in 1972.

Harekutani is created out of a desire to make Kutani ware blend more into everyday life. Although there was some resistance to the idea of introducing newness into a traditional product, they managed to take on a new challenge in order not to lose sight of what they have always cherished since their founding, which is to "bring excitement to the customers and help them enjoy their daily lives with the gorgeous colors of Kutani ware.

While preserving the tradition of the Kutani five colors(the basic colors of Kutani ware:red, yellow, green, purple, and navy blue) that have been handed down over the years, ”Harekutani” has been designed with a more user-friendly shape and design to suit modern dining scene, bringing happiness to the table. 

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